Plan Your Next Anniversary or Surprise Party at Our Hotel!

Have you ever considered decorating your room for a surprise party or anniversary celebration, but you didn’t have the time or didn’t know what to prepare?

Look no further than Slash Kawasaki. Our hotel offers party plans that can be used for any celebration, whether it’s your wedding anniversary or your favorite idol’s birthday.


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If you want to decorate the room yourself, you can! Balloon inflators will be available, so all you need to do is bring your own decorations.
Basic items such as tape, glue, and scissors will also be available. If you would like to decorate the walls with your items, we can lend you masking tape.

In addition, check-in time usually ends at 3 p.m., but you are free to enter the room in advance to decorate between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. If you wish to do so, please call the hotel at least one day before your check-in time (Please return the room key to the front desk after you are finished decorating).

When you come to check-in with your special guest, the front desk staff will act as if you are coming to the front desk for the first time, so don’t worry about the surprise getting spoiled.

Request Hotel Staff to Decorate

If you have never decorated for a party before or you lack the time to do so, don’t worry because the staff has you covered. If you call and reserve it a day in advance before your check-in time, then for 2,000円, the staff can decorate the room for you.

①I want the staff to decorate using decorations I bought

Our staff can decorate the room using your own decorations. Please send your decorations to the hotel at least one day before check-in. If you have an image of the finished decorations, please call or e-mail us to let us know what you would like.

■Fee: ¥2,000

②I want the staff to decorate using the hotel’s decorations

Decorative items are available for rent. Please refer to the bottom of this page (8) for a list of items you can rent. Payment can be made after check-out.

Here are some examples of past decorations.

■Room type/Small Double Room

Staff Decorating Fee: ¥2,000
“Happy Birthday” Garland: ¥500
Balloon Birthday Set(10 Balloons): ¥1,000   ⇒ Total ¥3,500(Tax Included)

※Customers must bring their own gifts.
If you send us your gift in advance, we can set it up along with your decorations ◎ Please contact us for more information.

■Room Type/Double Room

・Staff Decorating Fee: ¥2,000
・”Happy Birthday” Garland: ¥500
・Balloon Birthday Set(10 Balloons): ¥1,000
・Number of Balloons 2 Character Set: ¥300       ⇒Total ¥3,800(Tax Included)

Many customers are unsure about the color of the balloons they should pick, but if you give us a rough idea of what you think they would like, such as “They like red, so red should be the main color,” “They like cute colors,” or “They like cool colors,” our skilled staff will decorate the balloons with their personal preference in mind, so please leave it to us.

Celebrate Your Favorite Celebrity

We would like to introduce the [Anniversary Plan Without Him/Her], which we recommend to all otaku!
Based on feedback from guests who have spent time at Slash Kawasaki, we have incorporated into the plan what would be nice to have in a hotel when celebrating a celebrity’s birthday or anniversary. The plan is designed to make it easy for even first-time guests to enjoy activities in support of their favorite celebrities at the hotel. Of course, we also recommend using this plan for people other than your favorite celebrities.

The first feature of the “Anniversary Plan Without Him/Her” is the “Adult Melon Cream Soda,” which allows you to choose your idol’s favorite color! The Adult Melon Cream Soda, a popular room service menu item, is available in eight different colors exclusively for this plan. It is popular to choose your idol’s favorite color and take a picture with it.

The second feature of this plan is the type of decorations you can choose! We offer two types: [Sweet], which gives off a cute vibe, and [Natural], which includes LED sign letters.

Other benefits common to all plans include the free rental of a Polaroid camera and other privileges.

【 /Sweet / Anniversary plan Without Him/Her ★ Includes Breakfast ★Free 1:00 pm late check-out/ limited to 1 room per day /】

<Decoration Contents>

・Happy Birthday Balloons(Pink or Gold)
・Round String Lights
・Lace Throw Blanket 
・Lace Picture Frame 
・Mini Bouquet(Artificial Flowers) ※Variety varies depending on the time of year
・2 balloons (with pink lame)

<Common Plan Benefits>

・Melon Soda with a choice of 8 flavors
・Late check-out (1 p.m. instead of 11 a.m.)
・Polaroid camera (10 photos)
・DVD and Blu-ray Player Rental
・Tripod Rental
・Balloon Inflator

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▶We recommend taking a photo like this.

[/Natural/ Anniversary plan Without Him/Her ★Includes breakfast ★Free 1:00 pm late check-out/Only one room per day/]

<Decoration Contents>

・LED Characters(HAPPY❤ (Number)th B’DAY / Or Anniv.)
・Flower Petals
・Two LED Balloons(Transparent)
・Mini Bouquet(Artificial Flowers)※Variety varies depending on the time of year
・Happy Anniversary Stick ※Design varies depending on the time of year

<Common Plan Benefits>

・Melon cream soda with a choice of 8 colors
・Late check-out(1 p.m. instead of the usual 11 a.m.)
・Polaroid camera (10 photos)
・DVD and Blu-ray player rental
・Tripod rental
・Balloon inflator

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Other Recommended Anniversary Plans

【//Plan with Lollipop Cookie Set (Includes Breakfast), Free Polaroid Rental & 12 p.m. Late Check-out】

This plan includes a set of custom-made lollipop cookies. We will make the cookies based on the pictures you provide us in advance.

<The plan includes a one-of-a-kind custom-made lollipop cookie set.>

・One lollipop cookie set(Print cookie and Heart cookie)
・Late check-out(1 p.m. instead of the usual 11 a.m.)
・Polaroid camera (10 photos)

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※Accommodation Period From September 1, 2023 onwards

Anniversary Plan】Comes with mini bouquet and sparkling wine 《Overnight stay with no meal】 Free 13:00 late-out service ◎Supply of surprise

This is a special plan with a limited number of rooms. We will set it up in your room before check-in or deliver it to your room at the time you specify (from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.).

<Bonus contents>

・A bottle of sparkling wine(non-alcoholic option is also available)
・Mini bouquet of dried flowers
・Late check-out(1 p.m. instead of the usual 11 a.m.)

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