2022-01-26 | Recommendations

Staff Recommendations: The 3 lunch places you should visit in Yanesen

Our hotel is located in the “Yanesen” area, which collectively refers to Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi (Ya-Ne-Sen), which represent downtown Tokyo.  

The number of shops where you can feel the goodness of the local life and its delicious food is increasing gradually these days and Yanesen is becoming one of the hottest eatery spots.

Here are the 3 must-go lunch places you should try during your trip to Yanesen!

① Craving for Udon for lunch? Kamachiku is the place!

Kamatake, a popular Udon specialty store, is located just a 3-minute walk from HOTEL GRAPHY. Victim of its success, prepare to queue if you go for lunch, but trust us, it is worth the wait! Let’s wait patiently while looking at the menu (laughs).

The interior of the store is made of brick stone, which was renovated by the famous architect Kengo Kuma, and looks like a western-style manor. The interior remains typically Japanese style and has a calm atmosphere completed with a zen garden.

The standard menu “Zaru Udon” can be selected between thin noodles and thick noodles, and the smooth texture is irresistible! Udon isn’t the only thing that’s popular! The restaurant also has a wide selection of special sake and side dishes. 

The clerk will also teach you how to eat the udon and the side dish in a traditional way.

Come and experience something you can’t get at the usual udon restaurant!

【Store information⁠】
・Business hours:(Tuesday to Saturday)11:30~14:00,17:30~20:30
                                 (Sundays)  11:30~14:00
                                       Closed on Mondays
・Phone number:03-5815-4675
・Instagram: @kamachiku.nezu

② Soba restaurant selected by the Michelin guide: Soba-Gokoro

Soba Gokoro is a popular soba restaurant selected by Michelin’s Bib Gourmand (cost performance category), located just 3 minutes away by walk from HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU.

Buckwheat flour made from fresh buckwheat flour ground on the spot is very chewy and soft

▲ We recommend the tempura dish, which is a set of crispy and fluffy tempura carefully made so that each ingredient can be enjoyed.

▲ Buckwheat flour-based buckwheat tea (buckwheat tea x bavarois) is a Japanese-style dessert with a modest sweetness which is perfect after a meal!

【Store information⁠】
・Business hours:(Monday to Saturday)11:00~15:00,17:30~21:00
                                 (Sundays)       11:00~15:00
                                    (Holiday on Thursdays)
・Phone number:03-5842-1433

③ The ultimate Nori-bento: Nezu Matsumoto!

About 5 minutes walk straight to the left on the main street of Nezu, Nezu Matsumoto is a fish shop that sells carefully selected fish that are only distributed at high-end restaurants to ordinary households, you can enjoy a different eating experience than usual.

We would like to recommend Nezu Matsumoto’s special “Nori Bento” (¥ 3000).

Chirimen Sansho, fried sablefish in Saikyo, sweet omelet, sockeye salmon, fried chikuwa, and pickles are studded, and of course all the ingredients are carefully cooked which is a pleasure with every bite.

Please try this Nori Bento once !

(Please reserve by phone until the day before!)

【Store information】
・Business hours:11:00~19:00(日月定休)
・Phone number:03-5913-7353

What do you think about our selection? 

This time, we selected 3 spots serving Japanese-style food because we believe you must try the unique taste of downtown cuisine when walking around Yanesen.

We will continue to introduce gourmet places and hotspots in the Yanesen area, so stay around here for more recommendations!

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