HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU to participate in the 22nd Shinobazu Book Street Market

“HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU” will participate in the “22nd Shinobazu Book Street Ippako Furumoto City” to be held on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Shinobazu Book Street Ippako Furumoto City is a book event that has been held in Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi since 2005. Various stores in the area rent the eaves to become “landlords”, and the “store owner” gives the store name by themselves and sells used books for one cardboard box while devising a selling method. “. Seventeen years have passed since the event started, and Ippako Furumoto City has become recognized as a book event set in the city and is being held all over the country. This year, it will be held for the first time since 2019, which was canceled due to COVID-19, and the scale will be reduced to two venues, one of which was HOTEL GRAPY Nezu.

Since opening in March 2013, HOTEL GRAPHY Nezu aims to operate in a community-based manner with guests and neighbors under the concept of a “lifestyle hotel where you can interact”, such as restaurants, general stores, and bookstores in the city. While having connections with many people, we have endeavored to cooperate with each other to convey the appeal of the area. It was selected as the venue when the Ippako Furumoto City was held in 2019, and many people visited it, but this year as well, everyone gathered as a venue for a major event representing the region at the time of the event revival.

It will be an opportunity to receive it. On the day of the event, the common area lounge and rooftop terrace, which are one of the features of the hotel, will be opened, and drinks and meals will be served at the cafe, so you can feel free to enjoy the hotel space without staying. Enjoy the charm of the Yanesen area while strolling around the hotel, as well as relaxing in the lounge or cafe with your favorite book.

(Photo: HOTEL GRAPHY Nezu Lounge)

[Details of the event]
Date: April 30, 2022 (Sat) 11: 00-16: 00 * Rainy weather
Venue: HOTEL GRAPHY Nezu, Chukoji Temple (held at two locations in Ikenohata, Taito-ku)
* The latest information is also posted on the official website and Twitter. Depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection, it may be postponed.

[Store owner]
Shiba Inu + Fujitana, kafka, Moromoro, Beanice bookstore, pop-up library, Tomikichiya

◼ “Staying Art” accommodation plan is now on sale.
To celebrate the 9th anniversary of the opening, we have started selling a concept room specializing in art produced by up-and-coming artists. Why don’t you spend a special time in an extraordinary space where the talents of each artist shine?
Accommodation period: April 25, 2022 (Monday) -May 31, 2022 (Tuesday)

 <Introduction of the artist concepts>

“What a Hand-Written World!”, A hand-painted association consisting of Chalk Boy, Misaki, Chidripen, and Anna, is based in Kamakura and is active nationwide. A design group specializing in hand painting that is drawn and expressed by hand.

The guest room of the fictitious hotel “HOTEL HAND WRITTEN” is reproduced and produced from the work collection “zine” that started from the delusion that “it would be fun to have such a hotel and town”. In a space specializing in “hand-painting” that makes you want to draw something involuntarily with many artworks and objects, guests are welcome to participate in the creation of their works.

“Webbing Room” by Teruyuki Sano

Contemporary jewelry artist. After graduating from the Department of Spatial Design at Kyoto University of the Arts in 2018, he studied at the Royal College of Art postgraduate Art and Design Exchange Student Jewelry and Metal in 2019 and earned a master’s degree in the design field.

With the motif of “webbing investigation” that he often hears in dramas and movies, she produces a space with many strings and photographs stuck on the wall. Jewelry is hidden somewhere in the room, so you can enjoy an exciting and extraordinary experience while searching for treasure like an explorer.

“Flower growing” by Mame
Born in Hokkaido. She is a solo traveler who travels all over the country in a light van painted in pink by herself. During her journey, she develops her own creative activities such as buckwheat noodles and aroma workshops. 

“When I’m excited, flowers bloom in me. I’m glad that the flowers bloomed in the hearts of as many people as possible. Please bring back many bouquets when you return!” Mame. She produces a space with a flower motif that blooms everywhere in the room.

HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU is located in the historical center of Tokyo and in the corner of Yanesen, which is full of the downtown atmosphere. Since its opening in February 2013, it has organized various events and workshops, not only for tourists from all over the world but for both tourists and locals. It has been popular as a “lifestyle hotel where local people living in the area can interact”. At the beginning of the opening, a neighbor-friendly condominium “Social Apartment” was installed, so even though it is a hotel, it is equipped with a shared lounge, dining room, and kitchen that guests can freely use. 

The cafe and bar that loosely connects hotel guests and the local area, and the studio with tatami mats that can be used for various purposes such as yoga and exhibitions are loved by a wide range of users.

A little urban oasis located in the heart of Yanesen and near Ueno station. This hostel-like space is the perfect place to come together and take a break from busy Tokyo.

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