2022-06-01 | Recommendations

Staff Picks: 3 Must-Visit Bakeries for Your Yanesen Stroll!

Hello, my name is Shota, and I work at HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU.

Our hotel is located in the Yanesen area (a generic name for Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi, which represent the downtown area of Tokyo), which has recently become a hot area with an increasing number of stores that offer a sense of local charm.

The term “Yanesen stroll” has become popular, and more and more guests are strolling around the Yanesen area, which is a battleground for bread lovers not to be missed.

This article introduces bakeries you should definitely visit on your next “Yanesen stroll”.

① “Nezu no Pan”A bakery loved by the locals

Nezu no Pan is a popular bakery loved by the locals, quietly standing in the back alley of Nezu Boulevard, a 5-minute walk from GRAPHY.

There are so many types of bread, from small roll bread series that children can enjoy to creative side dish bread such as “Shichimi cheese” and “green curry bread”, they are on sale on a daily basis.

The most popular is the “Pain de mie” series. It’s about two times smaller than a regular square loaf, and it has a moist texture that makes it a very popular bread that you can enjoy without baking.

In addition, the Pain de mie series has a wide variety of wormwood Dainagon, orange chocolate, sesame seeds, etc., so the locals buying their bread there never get bored.

【Shop information】

・Business hours:10:00~19:00 (Closed on Mondays and Thursdays)
・Phone number:03-5834-2883
・Instagram: @nezunopan

② “Bakery Miura” A fragrant wheat scent

Next is Bakery Miura, which is near the entrance to Nezu Shrine, a 12-minute walk from GRAPHY.

Bread made from domestic wheat ground in the store and homemade natural yeast has a rich aroma and aroma of wheat.

Bread is also one of the signature products of Bakery Miura.

Using milk yeast, it has a faint sweetness of milk instead of sugar, and it seems to melt immediately when eating it.

This bread is characterized by its unique texture. The rice party is about to turn over to the bread party! 

It is a bread that we recommend you to eat at least once.

At Bakery Miura, takeaway lunches such as healthy hummus sandwiches and creative pizzas are also popular. Recommended for a break on the bench at Nezu Shrine.

【Shop information⁠】

・Business hours:(Thursday~Sunday)8:00~18:00 /             (Monday)11:00~18:00 (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
・Tel: 03-5834-8972

③ “Ohirasei Pan” Specializing in koppe bread

The last is Ohirasei Pan, a store specializing in koppe bread, about an 18-minute walk from GRAPHY. The taste is inherited from the bakery of their parent’s house, which has continued for three generations, and the taste and appearance that have not changed since that time will make you feel nostalgic.

There is a wide variety of koppe-pan with a slight sweetness, and we cannot omit to introduce you to the popular bean paste and margarine, cream cheese and lemon bean paste, as well as side dish bread such as egg sandwiches, yakisoba and tuna! Please come and check it out.

【Shop information⁠】

・Business hours:(Tuesday~Thursday)8:00~19:00
                  (Saturday・Sunday)  8:00~18:00
                                  Closed on Mondays
・Phone number: 03-3824-4132
・Instagram: @ohiraseipan

In addition, there are many other recommended spots in the Yanesen area, so we will try to continue to update you with new addresses here!

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