2022-08-25 | Recommendations

THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN Curator’s recommended day trip from Tokyo

Hello, I’m Christina, curator of The Lively Tokyo Azabujuban.

I would like to recommend Izu Oshima Island, which can be visited on a day trip.

One of the most common images of Tokyo is that there are few places where you can relax and enjoy nature since time flies by too fast and you are always busy.

Izu Oshima can be reached on a day trip from Tokyo, and I often recommend it to my guests.

I would like to propose a one-day petit trip from Tokyo that can be enjoyed by those who have been to Tokyo many times and also by those who live in Tokyo.

▲ Izu Oshima Island seen across the sea


Our hotel is located in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, near Tokyo Bay, as the ward name “Minato” implies.

If you take a train, you can get to Takeshiba Pier, where there is a ferry to Izu Oshima every 20 minutes.

If you take a jet boat from Takeshiba Port, you can be there in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

A one-day trip is enjoyable enough, but you can enjoy the charms of the island more if you stay overnight.

Even though it is an island in Tokyo, the crystal clear turquoise sea and colorful fish are as good as those of Okinawa. Mt. Mihara is also located on the island, making it perfect for those who love mountain climbing.


Toushiki Coast

Toushiki Beach is a natural pool surrounded by lava rocks at the southern tip of Oshima.

The waters of Izu Oshima are crystal clear, so if you bring a mask, you can observe many colorful fish while snorkeling.

You can also dive off the rocks into the sea, making it a perfect place to play in the ocean.

Deserted land near the sea

After playing in the ocean to your heart’s content, why not go see the only desert in Japan?

In fact, the only desert officially mapped as a place name is the “Ura-Desert” on Izu Oshima Island in Tokyo.

If you are short on time, we recommend the Ura-Desert rather than climbing Mt.

The black volcanic rock ground and white fog will make you feel like you are on the moon. For me, this was the “best” view of Oshima.

Being a desert, it seems that camels were active in the early Showa period for scenic tours!

Hav Cafe

Izu Oshima offers not only nature, but also delicious restaurants and cute design stores.

Here we introduce Hav Cafe, an old private house cafe in the Habu Port area.

The cafe was opened by Naoko Terada, a travel journalist who has traveled the world.

Raisin toast using Oshima butter, pizza toast, and Oshima ice cream affogato. The coffee is also very good as they are very particular about it.

Not wanting to ruin the old-fashioned atmosphere of Habu Port, the old house was renovated, and the glass door at the entrance is impressive.

The shop is decorated with antique items, bags, badges, etc. that Mr. Terada has bought on his travels.

You can also buy them, and I bought a bracelet.


If you can find time to stay overnight, the Habuki area, a short distance from Motomachi Port, is recommended.

In order to revitalize Habu Port on Oshima, where the population has decreased and vacant houses have become conspicuous, an inn called “Rohan” was opened in a vacant house.

The inn was named after Rohan Kishibe, a character from the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” and Rohan Koda, a great writer associated with Habu Port.

The inn fits perfectly with the nostalgic port town with its old houses.

The cherry-colored velvet furniture, the library, and the stained glass windows. It is an inn that does not look like an inn that could be a location for a Showa movie.

I spoke with the owner, Kensuke Yamaguchi, and he told me that he completed all the design and renovations himself! Truly amazing!

Izu Oshima is easily accessible from The Lively Azabu Juban.

If you feel tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, go take a ferry to Oshima and reset your mind.

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