slash kawasaki: Save time with our new mobile ordering system!

Why Do Guests Enjoy Room Service?

You might feel that room service at a hotel is too expensive, luxurious, and complicated to order. You may also have seen a scene from movies in which actors and actresses enjoy Luxurious room service and fruit platter, Vintage champagne with gorgeous production, and would hesitate to order at hotels. 

Please forget those images of those stereotypes against room services. Slash kawasaki provides casual & delicious room service at reasonable prices.

Easy order from your Smartphone

We offer a mobile ordering system for room service from 17:30- 22:00. You can easily access the page with your smartphone and check the available menus on any web browser. You could simply tap your favorite food and beverage and the ordered items will be delivered in 30 minutes to your room. 

Food delivered to your doorstep

We prepare “takeaway boxes” and deliver room services so that we can reduce human contact and offer reasonable prices. Guests can also request “Package Drop” as well, like what order delivery services such as “Uber Eats” also offers.

Bill directly to your room

Any Payment will be automatically charged to your room and you can make a settlement upon check out at the front desk or by using the mobile check-out system on your phone.

Left: Melon Soda Flar (alcohol)  Right: Fish & Chips
Left: slash Original Burger Right: Variety of Craft Beer available

Please enjoy slash kawasaki’s room service the way you want, such as watching movies and live concerts in your room or taking it to the rooftop terrace on the 10th floor in an open space.

Although it is difficult to enjoy eating out due to self-restraint and requests for shorter working hours, all the staff are waiting for you to make your stay affluent and enjoyable.

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Only 5-min from Kawasaki Station, slash kawasaki offers guests an incredible hotel experience using digital technology. All rooms are equipped with a giant projector screen.

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