Introducing our brand new “Taste of Hokkaido” marriage course

UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU is pleased to announce the renewal of the course dinner lineup at THE BALL Otaru, a modern French restaurant on the first floor. Guests will be able to enjoy fresh seasonal dishes and wines from April 28, 2022. 

Focusing on the appeal of Hokkaido wines, including those produced in Yoichi and Niki, which are highly acclaimed and growing worldwide as wine regions, we wanted to bring up a new concept menu based on our monthly wine dinner event “Taste of Hokkaido” launched in July 2021.

The exciting “Taste of Hokkaido” Mariage Course is a luxurious selection of the chef’s specialties paired with three Hokkaido wines selected by our wine-savvy staff.

▲ ”Taste of Hokkaido”Mariage Course

Our seven-dish, house-style course menu features dishes that were originally designed to pair with wine, using seafood from the waters around Otaru and seasonal ingredients imported from all over Hokkaido. As its name suggests, the restaurant uses seasonal ingredients imported from all over Hokkaido to allow diners to fully enjoy the flavors of Hokkaido as the seasons change.

In addition, a new menu including the “UNWIND Cuisine Course” as a standard course and the “Anniversary Course” for birthdays and other anniversaries will be offered with brushed-up menu contents.

Experience the charms of Otaru in all their splendor in the 100-year-old “UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU”, a historic structure that has been completely renovated.


“Taste of Hokkaido Mariage course”
7 dishes and three glasses of local wine, main dish use Hokkaido Beef
2 adults 1 room / ¥37,850~ (tax included)
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“Selection course”
This course has the same menu as the Taste of Hokkaido Mariage course without the wine pairing.
2 adults 1 room / ¥31,250円~ (tax included)
Booking URL:

“Cuisine course”
6 dishes including the main dish: matured steak of Tokachi Beef and plenty of fresh ingredients from Hokkaido.
2 adults 1 room / ¥24,650円~(tax included)
Booking URL:

“Anniversary course”
Main dish selected by the chef: steak of Jersey beef, a glass of sparkling wine, and a dessert plate with short massage option(Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary etc…)
2 adults 1 room / ¥29,959円~ (tax included)
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Please note that guests can enjoy the restaurant without staying in Unwind Hotel & Bar Otaru.

場所:UNWIND HOTEL & BAR 小樽 1階レストラン「The Ball」



代表取締役 遠藤友紀雄氏


・ピンク・オーチャード リバー&フィールド 2020(余市町・沢町)
・マルセル・ダイス コンプランタシオン 2020(仏/アルザス)
・登醸造 セツナウタ 2020(余市・登)
・平川ワイナリー ポンセ 2020(余市 ・沢町 )
・ハネス・レー ピノ・ノワール ハイデボーデン2018(オーストリア)

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