The staff here at Sapporo’s UNWIND HOTEL have picked some of our favorite items from all around Hokkaido and made them available as delicious additions to your breakfast.

At UNWIND, we serve a breakfast consisting of a hearty soup made with local ingredients and fresh bread, all delivered straight to your room. To make breakfast time even more enjoyable, we have added more choices, all included in BREAKFAST & MORE!

For example, you can now order scones from our affiliate UNWIND Otaru, made one by one by hand and baked to flaky perfection. Feel free to add Hokkaido honey or milk jam for a sweeter experience.

Also popular with our staff is “Torokette Uno”, a sweet and creamy Hokkaido milk beverage with a smooth mouthfeel, somewhere between yogurt and pudding.

We hope you get the most out of breakfast by combining our soup of the day with our new BREAKFAST & MORE options.

BREAKFAST & MORE items can be ordered with ease from your smartphone via our mobile access system.

*Orders can be placed until 11:00 pm the day before.

A fantastic blend of a resort and hotel, UNWIND HOTEL&BAR SAPPORO is a lifestyle hotel that provides an authentic lodge experience, but with the comfort and service of a hotel.

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