2022-01-19 | Information Bar

UNWIND HOTEL&BAR Sapporo + Shakotan Distillery 「Shakotan Spirit」 collaborate to produce original craft gin!

Here at Hokkaido’s UNWIND HOTEL&BAR Sapporo, we are proud to announce the result of a collaboration between BAR IGNIS, located on our tenth floor, and Shakotan Spirit, a distillery on Hokkaido’s western coast.

Together we have produced an original craft gin, available from January 18th, 2022 at UNWIND’s 10th floor bar and various LIVELY HOTELS locations throughout the country.

Original Craft Gin Concept meets Shakotan Spirit

Since the fall of 2019, BAR IGNIS has endeavored to produce original cocktails and spirits in line with our hotel’s lodge-style theme. While both the hotel and bar experienced difficulty during the Covid-19 pandemic, we set our sights on innovation and rebranding, leading to an original craft gin project in the spring of 2021.

After looking into various Hokkaido distilleries, we met with Shakotan Spirit, located nearly 2 hours by car from Sapporo near the town of Shakotan, and began our collaboration. The distillery’s brand manager, Mr. Iwasaki, worked with BAR IGNIS to produce tasting samples for a craft gin made to match with the bar’s concept. The final result was a moderately spiced original craft gin with a deep sweetness, featuring 19 varieties of botanical produced naturally around Shakotan, including sweet gale and Hokkaido tangerine.

The completed GIN IGNIS, named simply after the bar, is labeled in line with BAR IGNIS’s concept of warmth and simplicity, and is available starting in January at UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo’s BAR IGNIS and will be used in cocktails at various Lively Hotels locations.

<left> Botanically spiced 「Gin and tonic」 1,400 yen (tax included)
<right> Homemade lime cordial 「Gimlet」 1,600 yen (tax included)

The Gimlet is available only at UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo 10th floor BAR IGNIS、while the Gin and Tonic is available at all LIVELY HOTELS ( https://livelyhotels.com/ ) ※Menu names and prices may vary.

About Shakotan Spirit

Shakotan Spirit makes “fire alcohol”, spirits to ignite people’s spirits and give them courage and hope.

“The vitality of plants extracted by fire”
Known by some as “fire alcohol”, unnecessary flavors are stripped away by fire to make way for a deep, pure-flavored distilled alcohol. The Shakotan Peninsula, carved out by volcanic activity some 2 million years ago, is home to Tengu no Hiwatari, a large fire-walking festival held every year in July. The festival demonstrates Shakotan’s strong relationship with fire, also present in GIN IGNIS, produced with botanicals full of Earth’s vitality extracted by flames. With spirits set alight by nature’s life force, we set out for the world with the wind in our sails, towards the future.

WEB: https://shakotan-spirit.co.jp/index.html

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