Attend the ”Danson Exhibition & HONNO PARK POP UP STORE~Art Expand vol.1~” Hosted by ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA

Hello! I’m a staff member from ESTINATE HOTEL Naha. We have an exciting event announcement that’s perfect for your Golden Week outings.

We are launching a new project called “Art Expand,” focusing on artists from Okinawa Prefecture. For the inaugural event, we are delighted to host Danson, a native of Ishigaki Island and owner of a gallery in Naha, for his solo exhibition and a pop-up shop featuring his apparel line “HONNO PARK.” We will also have a wide range of original merchandise available, so please feel free to browse through them while enjoying the artwork.

Whether you’re staying with us or you’re a local resident, we invite everyone to join us for this event. Please spread the word and we look forward to welcoming you all!

Special drawing workshop for kids on Children’s Day

We offer a popular workshop aimed at bringing out children’s artistic senses and creating artworks from a child’s perspective. Both our guests and local residents are welcome to join in the fun.

Rest assured that the paints used during the workshop are safe for children!

The watercolor paints from Schmincke, a German company, which we will be using in the workshop, are of high quality, trusted even by professional artists. Based on Goethe’s color circle, these paints produce harmonious color combinations when mixed together. They are made from materials that meet strict safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for children and adults alike. With vibrant colors, high transparency, and the ability to layer colors, these paints allow everyone to enjoy the process of painting.

In addition to Schmincke’s watercolor paints, participants can also explore drawing with crayons from the same company or colored pencils from Lyra, another German brand. Art supplies will be available for purchase, so feel free to browse through them during the workshop!

Event Details

■ Event Name: Danson Exhibition & HONNO PARK POP UP STORE “Art Expand vol.1”

■ Date and Time: April 27, 2024 (Sunday) – May 5, 2024 (Sunday)


■ Children’s Day Drawing Workshop by Danson Sensei on May 5th (Sunday)

① 14:00 – Limited to 4 participants

② 15:00 – Limited to 4 participants

Price: ¥3,500 (tax included)

Includes paint rental, framing, and drinks. Parents are welcome to accompany their children!

☆ Reservations accepted by phone: 098-943-4900

Artist Profile: Danson

Born in 1986 on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Danson is an illustrator and children’s book author.

With the motto “Enjoy Drawing,” he creates art with his own unique sensibility, avoiding conforming to set patterns.

After graduating from university, he worked at an advertising agency while also engaging in various activities such as visual design for artists and art direction for tourism projects in Okinawa Prefecture. In 2014, he published his first original picture book “LIFE OF MR.DONK,” followed by “The Seeds of Happiness of Uncle Agorita” in 2017.

In recent years, he has been commissioned for commissioned works such as creating wall art for stores like Blue Seal Ice Cream Chatan Store, hug3do, and Mega Don Quijote.

In January 2024, he opened the HONNO PARK gallery in Kohruko, Naha City, where he is currently hosting exhibitions in collaboration with artists from both inside and outside the prefecture.


We operate a temporary childcare facility and concept shop in Ginowan City.

Our selection includes a variety of items from Italy and other parts of Europe, including food, miscellaneous goods, toys, art supplies, picture books, and apparel, all of which are designed for families to enjoy together.

Through our unique filter, we deliver a curated collection of “good things” that enhance everyday life.