2023-09-14 | Event Media

Classic and Contemporary Lifestyle Hotel UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU Hosts Artist Exhibition Featuring Hokkaido Landscapes 

In a collaboration with whodunit, an online anonymous art poster site, the “Geometry Interlude” exhibition, which will continue until October 30, at UNWIND GALLERY features 15 works that traverse the boundary between the ordinary and extraordinary.

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UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU, a modern lifestyle hotel with a historical touch, will host a free exhibition featuring 15 works that depict surreal Hokkaido landscapes. Known as “Geometry Interlude,” the exhibition began on August 1 and will end on October 30 at UNWIND GALLERY located on the first floor of UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU. The works will ask viewers to question the boundary between their dreams and reality.

Opening in November 2022, UNWIND GALLERY strives to provide a space for cultural discussion and collaboration while conveying the charms of Hokkaido through its contemporary art. This collaboration with whodunit, an online art poster shop, represents the fourth exhibition at the gallery. The highlight of the exhibition, “Geometry Interlude,” is a poster of a surrealist-style oil painting by an unidentified whodunit artist. Combined with the art deco atmosphere of UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU, visitors will enjoy an immersive art experience that will make them feel as if they are walking the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Other works include “The Last Noah-1” and “The Last Noah-2,” which were painted for this exhibition and feature the Otaru coastline. Locals and visitors will immediately recognize the stark and stunning landscape. The pieces also feature odd caricatures of birds and beasts. 

The online store follows the concept of whodunit in mystery novels, where the term is used to describe the mysterious identity of the culprit. Similarly, the store conceals its artists’ real names and identities in order to remain mysterious and alluring. The artist behind this exhibition’s works received an education in London at the Chelsea College of Arts and now works in Sapporo as a surrealist oil painter whose works feature curious landscapes and odd sceneries. 

As visitors admire the art, they can also sip on drinks from the hotel’s bar, BAR IGNIS. The “Otaru Wine Ball – Unwind Style” is a cocktail designed to pair with the whodunit exhibition. It combines Otaru’s standard cocktail made with wine, a traditional Western liquor, and transparent milk with whodunit’s classic motifs and a peculiar surrealist twist.

UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU, which embodies a combination of vintage and contemporary design, is committed to preserving historical charm in the heart of Otaru. CEO Takeshi Yamasaki emphasizes the significance of retaining the building’s historical essence and the character of the surrounding area. This dedication to heritage is at the core of the hotel’s identity, offering guests an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary. The gallery further serves to emphasize the goal of the hotel by displaying classical and contemporary style works by artists related to Hokkaido, creating a sense of community and honoring its original blend of heritage and modernity. Otaru has experienced a rise in tourism in recent years and with the impending opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen “Shin-Otaru Station,” the demand for accommodation has surged. Global Agents, which has succeeded in the Tokyo rental market with its brand of co-living spaces called Social Apartment, has raised the bar for urban hospitality with its brand of lifestyle hotels that span across Japan. 

The rebirth of a classic hotel! Featuring contemporary design and service that’s sure to enchant travelers, UNWIND HOTEL&BAR OTARU blends modern amenities with a charming atmosphere!

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