LIVELY HOTELS Seek to Redefine Hostel Hospitality With the Grand Opening of HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA

A Fusion of Urban Subculture and Hotel Sophistication – LIVELY HOTELS Unveils the Hostel of Tomorrow in the Heart of Shibuya.

LIVELY HOTELS proudly announces the upcoming launch of HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA. As part of the unique ensemble of boutique hotels across Japan, LIVELY HOTELS continues its legacy of redefining hospitality experiences. Set to open its doors in February 2024, HOTEL GRAPHY promises an immersive experience at the intersection of modern hotel sophistication and the dynamic spirit found in overseas hostels. Nestled in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo, this innovative property represents a paradigm shift in urban hospitality experiences, with reservations for lodging scheduled to begin around late January 2024.

The hotel boasts a 24-hour lounge, a top-floor terrace with captivating views of Ebisu and Daikanyama, a billiard room, and a self-service refreshment corner with free hot drinks. The first-floor lobby doubles as a spacious restaurant and bar space, featuring complimentary beer during the daily Happy Hour. Here, travelers can connect with locals while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. The “Graphic Grill & Bar” restaurant offers a unique twist on the American diner experience, providing visually pleasing dishes and drinks designed to create a buzz among patrons.

Embracing the changing work landscape, HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA will also offer a co-working service, “.andwork,” providing freelancers and remote workers with a dynamic base for their professional endeavors.

With a total of 74 rooms ranging from standard to unique dormitories, HOTEL GRAPHY caters to travelers seeking an authentic yet diverse accommodation experience by seamlessly blending the perks of a modern hotel with the financial advantage and rich human interaction opportunities synonymous with hostels. Budget-friendly rates between 6,000 and 20,000 yen ensure accessibility for both hostel aficionados and those eager to explore the energetic hostel atmosphere.

Situated on the redeveloped “Shibuya Bridge,” the hotel pays homage to the elevated railroad tracks of the former Tokyu Toyoko Line, expressing its history through graphic art and utilizing the former tracks as a key visual throughout the space. The location serves as a testament to the revitalization of Shibuya, connecting it with Daikanyama and creating a vibrant atmosphere in the southern area of the district. The unique design incorporates elements of Shibuya’s history and the old railway, with “rails” as a central visual theme throughout the hotel. Graphic art depicting the past of the elevated railway line and the evolution of Shibuya enhances the guest experience, providing valuable insights into the rich history of the location.

As a part of the renowned LIVELY HOTELS collection, known for its six brands and 11 hotels across Japan, HOTEL GRAPHY SHIBUYA expands the footprint to 12 locations. Following the success of “The Millennials” Shibuya, famous for its groundbreaking “SmartPod” sleeping units that have attracted waves of overseas guests and media, HOTEL GRAPHY aims to establish a new genre of the “hostel hotel” fusion in the trendsetting district of Shibuya.

Explore city history at our hybrid hostel + hotel. GRAND OPENING in March 2024. Immerse in urban charm and a unique stay experience. 

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