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Hello, this is Hamada Kana from ESTINATE HOTEL Naha.

We will be exhibiting HELLO NEW WORLD vol.3 featuring artist ATSUSHI TAKEUCHI from 2/18 (Fri) to 2/27 (Sun).

Hello New World (herein referred to as HNW) is an artist collaboration that focuses on positively welcoming the next phase under ever-changing circumstances. It was first launched in July 2021 by ESTINATE HOTEL Naha, and presents art and artworks that have landed in Okinawa for the first time.

In preparation for the third exhibition, we would like to introduce the event in the form of an interview. The interviewees are Seiya, who is in charge of planning HNW at ESTINATE HOTEL Naha, and Takeuchi Atsushi, an illustrator from Kanagawa who will be exhibiting at this event.

I interviewed both of them via ZOOM, and I wanted to convey the realism of the interview and their personalities, so I am presenting it here in a conversational tone.

▲ Fujita Seiya from ESTINATE HOTEL Naha Staff.
▲ Takeuchi’s illustration

Thank you very much for meeting with us today. First of all, Seiya Fujita, how did you select the artists featured in the third installment of Hello New World?

Seiya: I was strongly moved by Takeuchi-san’s work “flocks” at his solo exhibition last year, and was struck by the expression of flocking and the words “It was about time we flocked together without care.” I wanted to share this message to the people of Okinawa, and so I sent a message to Mr. Takeuchi, hoping that I could plant that seed.

Absolutely! It was also a time when the hotel was thinking about how to share the message of “gathering and flocking,” wasn’t it? Do you remember what you thought when you received his offer?

Takeuchi Atsushi: Well, when I heard that the concept of the event was to “express some positivity in the work, I was like, “I wondered if I was the right person to do it. Is it OK with me?” 

Actually, the episodic part of flocks was also an afterthought. After the illustrations of animals and people in groups were created, I thought that it would be okay if I added the episodes (in the sense that it does not imply that they are gathered together in a single sense).

Also, I had never held a solo exhibition in Okinawa, so I was like, “I have a strong image of the ocean, but I wonder what kind of venue it would be” 🙂

Thank you very much. I heard that you added the story as a caption after the illustration was finished.

Atsushi Takeuchi: Yes. At first, I had a lot of trouble finding a way to express positivity.

Seiya: (a little apologetically) Yes, you were. You looked like you were in trouble, even in our first meeting.

Takeuchi Atsushi: Yeah, that’s right. After the meeting, I was like, “Let’s stop thinking about ‘positive’ for a moment.”  I made up my mind to draw what I wanted to draw. So the first thing I drew was a newspaper. Then I thought, “Why don’t I put the words HELLO NEW WORLD right there (the newspaper in the picture)?!

The first HNW work

Takashi Takeuchi: From there, the image progressed, and we were able to decide on the rules for inserting the letters after. From there, it was very quick to start drawing.

Seiya: We had a plan to do 10 works, but he did 15!

I am very grateful for that. By the way, where did you paint your works?

Takeuchi: I paint at home where I can relax most.

Thank you very much. I got the impression that the stories of the works were conveyed more clearly by looking at the works and captions together.

The actual exhibition

Seiya: Reading the captions made me chuckle and deepen the concepts and feelings.

Reading made the works even more appealing. I also found the “blank space” in the paintings like a range of how to take it.

Takeuchi Atsushi: I didn’t have a story in mind for the captions this time either, so I lined them up in order and named the 15 captions after all the works were finished. It was more like Ogiri (that’s a funny response) rather than a deep thought….

Seiya:Ogiri 🙂

Takeuchi Atsushi: It really is like that (laughs). I hoped the captions would become a trigger for the people who saw them.

Seiya: Unfortunately, he is not coming to Okinawa this time and will not be in the gallery, but I would like people to look at the work and the caption together. If you do that, you could look at them for all eternity.

Thank you very much. Lastly, Mr. Takeuchi, could you tell us about your future activities, I mean, what you would like to do?

Atsushi Takeuchi: Well, I am an illustrator, so I would simply like to continue drawing illustrations. I have several projects lined up for this year, so I guess I will start with that.

Seiya: I would love to welcome you to Okinawa again…

Takeuchi Atsushi: Yes, that’s right! Okinawa is a place where I have always visited on my vacation, and it is one of my favorite places, so I would love to go there with my family next time.


How was it?

This interview gave us a good impression of Mr. Takeuchi’s warm personality. We would like to introduce the following message from Mr. Takeuchi to you.


Please enjoy the HELLO NEW WORLD exhibition of works depicting signs of the future scattered all over the place.

A “NEW WORLD” may be right around the corner before you know it, unknowingly advertised, and you may be told “HELLO” tomorrow. It is up to you what kind of yourself you will see at that time.

The event will be held for 10 days from 2/18 to 2/27, no reservations required and admission is free. Please come to ESTINATE and see my actual work! We are looking forward to seeing you.

For more information about the event, please visit ∇∇∇∇ here


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