Enjoy “Japanese x Italian” cuisine with seasonal ingredients and the refreshing colors of summer!

Turning the Hotel Into a Place to “Upgrade Oneself”

At LIVELY HOTELS, we strive to redefine the concept of hotels as places to “update oneself,” rather than merely functional spaces for sleeping. Our brand concept focuses on providing “experiential value” to guests, allowing them to gain some form of personal enhancement through their stay. Particularly, our flagship brand, “THE LIVELY,” aims to redefine the hotel as a gathering place for people, information, and opportunities from around the world. We aspire to offer a guest experience filled with stimulation and new discoveries with each visit. Therefore, we not only welcome staying guests but also provide opportunities for local residents and those interested in our hotel to visit and enjoy our facilities.

Experience the seasons with “Japanese x Italian” cuisine.

At the all-day dining restaurant “THE LIVELY KITCHEN FUKUOKA HAKATA,” we blend Japanese ingredients and tableware with Italian cooking techniques, adding trends and seasonal expressions to create modern Japanese-Italian cuisine. The dishes, delicately presented on elegant Japanese tableware, combine the chef’s meticulous attention to trends and seasonal expressions, resulting in unique and innovative plates. Each dish is crafted with consideration for not just the flavors but also the presentation style and story, offering a unique menu structure that provides surprise and discovery, all while maintaining casual service. We offer multiple course menus to cater to various needs, allowing even non-hotel guests to enjoy the extraordinary dining experience at our restaurant.

This summer, we have prepared course menus for both lunch and dinner that highlight seasonal ingredients and the refreshing colors of summer. Enjoy our signature dishes that showcase summer through their ingredients, sauces, and tableware, as well as a variety of dishes featuring seasonal and vibrant summer ingredients.

Dinner course “Wakatake”

The “Wakatake” dinner course features eight dishes, including the signature dish “Flounder and Citrus” themed around the color “young bamboo.” The lime-scented “Flounder and Citrus” pays homage to the summer Japanese classic “Kabosu-gama.” Additionally, enjoy seasonal summer ingredients like “Corn Soup” and “Pike Conger Spring Rolls.” For dessert, we recommend the refreshing “Myoga and Melon Granita,” a delightful combination of myoga and sweet melon, resembling a small shaved ice.


Appetizer Trio – Seasonal Ingredients:

  • Tuna and Cheese
  • Beef Shabu-shabu
  • Corn Soup

First Course: Flounder and Citrus

Second Course: Pike Conger Spring Roll

Pasta: Spaghettini with Duck and Watercress

Fish: Steamed Sea Bream with Sake and Dashi Sauce

Bread: Bread with Homemade Fig Butter

Meat: Prime Beef and Asparagus

Choice of Dessert:

  • Myoga Granita
  • Chocolate Terrine
  • Today’s Mont Blanc
  • Basque Cheesecake

Beverages: Coffee / Tea

Reservation URL: https://bit.ly/3VbFIpW

Other short courses are also available. Please check our website for more details.

Lunch course “Fuku”


Starter: Baby Corn

Appetizer: Salmon and Spring Onion Marinade

Bread: Focaccia

Choice of Main Course: Escabeche of White Fish / Porchetta / Tagliata of Prime Beef (+¥1000)

Choice of Pasta: Spaghettini with Salsiccia and Green Chili Oil / Cold Genovese Pasta with Shiso / Lemon Cream Pasta

Choice of Dessert: Myoga Granita / Chocolate Terrine / Today’s Mont Blanc / Basque Cheesecake

Beverage: Coffee or Tea

Reservation URL: https://bit.ly/3UP6Nhn

Other course menus are also available. Please check our website for more details.

About chef Yasutomo Nakamura

Born in 1975 in Kumamoto Prefecture, he attended Nakamura Culinary School. After graduating, he began his culinary journey at the Grand Hyatt Fukuoka. He then gained experience at Italian restaurants and large-scale dining establishments. Additionally, he served as the Fukuoka Executive Chef at a large-scale dining establishment.

In 2019, he assumed the position of head chef with the opening of THE LIVELY KITCHEN FUKUOKA HAKATA.


The first lifestyle hotel of its kind in Fukuoka! Located in the heart of Hakata, THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA hotel is the perfect location for business and sightseeing with easy access from the airport.

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