2022-05-18 | Recommendations

Curator’s Recommendations: How to enjoy a day trip to Kiyomizu & Gion

Hi this is Nami from The Millennials Kyoto.

Today I’ll show you my favorite route to Gion and Kiyomizu-temple!

① Kiyomizu Temple

▲ Photo by sung shin

You don’t want to be checking your watch every ten minutes when you’re sightseeing.

Kiyomizu-temple is open between 8 am to 6 pm, so make sure to go there first! It can get really crowded, especially on weekends.

Bus number 207 will take you straight to Kiyomizu street from the Millennials with a five minutes bus ride. The bus stop is near Kawaramachi station, which is about 5 minutes walk from our hotel.

You can go straight to Kiyomizu-temple or have a detour and walk through Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka, a very nice path surrounded by traditional Japanese houses and little shops.

▲ Photo by sorasak

② Koenji Temple

To get to Koenji-temple, you can just walk though Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka.

Koenji-temple was built in the 17th century. It has a beautiful Japanese garden and a small pond. 

Illumination events during cherry blossom and autumn seasons are held every year. Make sure to check upcoming events on the website!

③ Yasaka Shrine

▲ Photo by Seven Lin

Yasaka Shrine is only 5 minutes walk from Kodaiji-temple and it is one of the biggest shrines in Japan.

It is a beautiful location where you can feel the history and culture of Kyoto.

Gion Area

▲ Photo by ck yeo zu

You can walk through the Gion area to get back to The Millennials Kyoto.

You might get to see Geisha or Maiko walking around in Gion if you are lucky. Do not try to talk or interrupt them though, because they might be on their way to work. 

It should be dinner time by the time you’re in the Gion area. The Pontocho area is definitely one of the best places to stop and experience kawayuka. The bars and izakaya on the east side of the street have wide terraces on the Kamo river during summer. Kamo river is definitely one of the most famous areas to experience kawayuka.

After a long day of walking around the Kiyomizu and Gion area, just sit down and relax in our social lounge and maybe grab a free beer (5:30 pm-6:30 pm) or some hot drinks.

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