[The Millennials Shibuya] A Travel Experience Enhanced By our Curated Music Collection

Along with the visual design, background music is also a vital part of our creative process. All locations at Lively Hotels feature playlists that are selected based on the hotel’s scene, such as morning, noon, and night.

Today, we would like to introduce the playlists that we play in The Millennials Shibuya. These playlists were made by The Millennials staff to match the vibe of the hotel.

With an extensive selection of music ranging from the latest pop hits to edgy and alternative tunes, we often get our guests asking us, “What’s this playlist?”. 

For those who are unable to visit the hotel but still want to enjoy our vibes from the comfort of their home, we have decided to publish our playlists so please feel free to enjoy those at home! 

♫Morning depression by Aki christina (MLS staff)

♫Afternoon refresh by Aki christina (MLS staff)

♫Spacing Out by Aki christina (MLS staff)

The Millennials Shibuya is the ultimate high-tech capsule hotel experience. 6-min walk from Shibuya Station. 120 SmartPod units, IoT integration, futuristic design, and coworking spaces.

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