THE MILLENNIALS: Introducing the new one-coin breakfast plan

The Millennials Shibuya and The Millennials Kyoto will begin offering new breakfast plans from Friday, July 1, 2022.

One Coin Breakfast Plan

The Millennials hotels offer a warm, welcoming environment, and now we’re taking that experience one step further by offering guests a complete breakfast package. This means you don’t have to leave the hotel to get your morning started—everything is provided here to ensure you enjoy a fulfilling stay.

The menu is light buffet style, with soup and bread as the main course, yogurt for dessert and orange or apple juice. Soups change daily and include a delicious minestrone and creamy clam chowder.

You’re sure to stay satisfied with a wide range of bread types, from soft and chewy to dense and crusty. Choose two types of sweets from a selection of five including doughnuts filled with chocolate. Soup and juice refills are free, and coffee machines are available in the lounge.

The Millennials’ breakfast menu features a variety of healthful items that can be enjoyed for only one coin (500yen). Our open and well-designed lounges in both Shibuya and Kyoto offer a casual atmosphere, making them ideal for Millennials who are interested in trying new things.