You Can Enjoy a Bar Without Alcohol?! Introducing UNWIND’s Popular Mocktails.

Hello from the bar at Unwind Sapporo. This is Mai Corredor Motta.

What comes to mind when you think of a hotel bar?

“A place for experienced drinkers?”
“A place where you can’t take your kids?”
“Kind of an awkward place for non-drinkers?”

Perhaps there are people who avoid hotel bars for one of these reasons.

Here at Unwind Sapporo, we try our best to create an atmosphere suitable for everyone, including kids and those who don’t drink alcohol. We want to provide a space for travelers of all kinds to enjoy themselves together.


At this kind of special hotel bar, we have prepared mocktails to be enjoyed by even people who don’t drink alcohol.

In this article, I would like to introduce some of our popular mocktail drinks.

What is a Mocktail?

The term “mocktail”, a combination of the words “mock” and “cocktail”, originated in London. Mocktails have become so popular, especially with younger people, that there are even bars that specialize in making mocktails.

Mocktails feature the same appearance and manner of preparation as cocktails. Made avoiding syrups and artificial flavors, they get their colorful appearance from fresh fruits and herbs, resulting in a more natural, non-alcoholic cocktail.

What are the UNWIND’S Mocktails

▲ From left to right:
・Matcha Chamomile
・Herbal Grapefruit
・Lavender Ale
・Kiwi & Elderflower Mojito
・Pomegranate Lassi


Here at UNWIND we aim to make our mocktails from scratch, by combining natural ingredients. We want our guests to enjoy new flavors arranged artfully by our bartenders using fresh fruits, herbs, and homemade syrups.

For those who would like an alcoholic drink, we can add alcohol to any of our mocktails, so please just ask the bartender.
We’re excited for you to visit us here on the 10th floor of UNWIND Sapporo at Bar Ignis.

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