Introducing Our Restaurant Staff: Hayato Wada

Hayato Wada / Joined slash Kawasaki as an opening member in September 2019

Born in Nara, Wada went to junior high and high school in Kyoto. He came from a family of doctors and wanted to become one himself, but after searching for what he really wanted to do, he found his passion for cooking and moved to Tokyo by himself to study at a Michelin-starred restaurant and began cooking at a Grand Maison French restaurant. He later joined L&G at the invitation of his high school classmate Shoko Tatsuzaki of HOTEL SHE, where he worked as a chef and ryokan manager. After working in a wide range of jobs from head chef to ryokan manager, he joined Global Agents when he got married and became manager of slash cafe&bar. He is good with numbers.

I want to make this hotel a place where being able to talk about slash becomes an identity.

slash has an image of being a place for those who like to withdraw to their rooms, so I would like people to enjoy staying at our hotel in their own way. The price is not too expensive, so I think it is possible for people to repeat their stay.

You can enjoy movies, live music, all-night game nights, room service and enjoy your own personal style of staying at our hotel without anyone interfering.

I think this is a hotel that can be used for any occasion, such as a reward for yourself or an anniversary with your partner, and I hope it will become a hotel where knowing and being able to talk about slash will become a part of your identity.

One of the motivations for working here is that my superiors judge people based on their skill level.

Before I joined the company, during the offer interview with the president, one of the things that made me think, “Oh, I like the president’s thinking here,” was the discussion of overtime pay.

He talked about a system in which overtime pay is increased or decreased depending on the level of ability and working speed, and how he wants to ensure that people’s abilities are properly evaluated based on personalized assessments of their skill levels. This was one of the motivations for me to join this company.

It’s up to you to try to understand the essence of what you do.

When I tried to throw away the leftover fried rice that one of my superiors had made for me at the first restaurant I worked at, I got into a lot of trouble.
I was told that I had not been able to see what was behind the cooking and service, such as the fact that the rice had to be soaked immediately after arriving at work first thing in the morning in order to make it crispy, that the amount of heat, cooking method and other details had to be carefully considered, and that it was not just the labor for that one dish, but the steps throughout the entire day to complete that one dish that made it special.

It was a good lesson for me to realize the importance of trying to see the essence of things instead of seeing things at surface-level and that it is up to me whether or not I try to the deeper meaning behind things.

Life advice is welcome.

Since there are many young people and people who are about to enter the workforce at slash, I am happy to talk with you about even the most trivial of problems. I’m also open to life advice from the younger generation.

It would be too bold to say that a person should come here to talk about their problems, but I think I can be of some help by digging deeper and helping them tidy up their thoughts about what they should do now or what they are wondering about.

I am often in the kitchen, so I don’t have many conversations to chat with customers yet, but I will think of ways to create opportunities for people to connect with me, so please, if you see me, talk to me anytime! I look forward to seeing you at the bar with delicious drinks.

I started surfing after COVID-19.

On my days off, I surf, watch my kids study or just laze around.

I am not addicted to surfing, but I am addicted to changing my hair color frequently!

My house is in Tsujido, near the ocean, and I started surfing last year when the state of emergency was declared. Recently, I have barely been able to stand up on my feet.

If I get a request in advance, I will make something that is not on the menu.

Because of COVID-19, we haven’t had much dinner service since the opening, so that has been tough.

I want to create a restaurant that can be enjoyed by both outsider customers and overnight guests.

By the way, several original slash cocktails, which were developed with the help of our in-house bartender, are available, so please order one when you get the chance!

If you have any requests for something you want to eat, I will make it even if it is not on the menu. Please DM me in advance!

Only 5-min from Kawasaki Station, slash kawasaki offers guests an incredible hotel experience using digital technology. All rooms are equipped with a giant projector screen.

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