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Lively Hotels Hospitality Philosophy

Our Guiding Values

Our guiding values make us who we are.
We revolve around the following 4 principles
in order to manage intangible hospitality value permanently.

360˚ Well-being

360˚ Well-being

Making sure to involve not only the employeesbut also the guests in the success of our hotels.

Guests, staff, locals, partners... The best hospitality experience for our guests can only be achieved through a healthy, prosperous and vibrant lifestyle for everyone involved with the hotels.

We aim to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on fair trade with trading partners such as primary producers, wholesalers, cleaning companies, and amenities providers.

As a company, we value supporting local artisanship and boosting the local economy. Each of the areas where we operate, the presence of our hotels adds value to the local economy and makes local residents proud.

Through their work at the hotel, all of our hotel staff strives to acquire higher skills and acquire more experience in order to fulfill their own goals. As everyone has a different lifestyle and follows different interests, it is important that we value both work and private lives. The idea is to facilitate better conversations with guests, to provide great information and better services. We encourage flexible working styles that respect each individual's values and outlook. We anticipate ways to make an indelible stamp on the lives of our guests, employees and communities.

Hospitality Personalization

Hospitality Personalization

Offering a fair service in accordance with guests' expectations.

A hotel is not only a place that provides rooms, but also a whole experience that will enrich your stay from check-in to check-out. Its value is composed of several factors including room value, public space value, food value, service value and activity value. These factors are weighed differently by each guest.

However, the value of service might be the most difficult to quantify since it varies widely from guest to guest. People seeking different types of assistance, people traveling alone, people who want to have a chat with other guests or staff, etc.

Our top priority is to provide the best customer service to each of those guests by understanding their expected value.

We strive to create an environment that becomes more personalized and comfortable the more you stay with us.

Access to Neighborhood Community.

Access to Neighborhood Community

Connecting local communities and travelers through organic exchanges.

Historically, hotels were landmarks in cities and a place to meet or dine with relatives. The recent surge in accommodation-specialized hotels has eroded this image today.

The goal is to restore this image and to make each of our hotels a positive contributor to the city, as well as create an organic connection with the surrounding community and actively engage with it. We also strive to become a medium that connects the community with travelers, curates local information, and delivers those resources to our guests.

The true pleasure of traveling can only be found at the destination.

Each hotel provides you with "Curators," local staff members who are knowledgeable about the local community and are able to provide you with valuable local information. Do not hesitate and take the time to ask one of our curators if they can suggest a great place to eat or visit around!

All Experience For a Lively Tomorrow.

All experience for lively tomorrow

Offering a place for people to update themselves for a better tomorrow.

The value we strive for at our hotels is "a place where you can update yourself." Throughout the new experiences, discoveries, rests and encounters you will experience during your stay, our goal is to provide you with enough energy to carry you through your next day and give you the feeling that you have 'updated yourself' on every level, not only physically, but also and mentally and intellectually.

We aim to contribute to better hotel management of tomorrow by learning from the conversations, information, and opinions we receive from each guest.