Reimagining a vintage Hokkaido hotel for the modern age

The former “Echuya Hotel” was developed in 1937 to be the first-ever hotel in Hokkaido exclusive to overseas visitors.
During wartime, it was used by the army as an officers club.
After the war, it was taken over by the US military.
Through the “History of Modernized Industrial Heritage 33” act by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,
Otaru City Designated it as a historical building many years later.

While keeping the historical feeling and aesthetics intact,
a bold renovation brought a new life to this long-closed historical building.
This boutique hotel now represents a mix of classic and contemporary styles, creating an experience unlike any other.


Check in

Welcome Home!

The hotel's original, beautiful, Art Deco style has been remarkably well retained.
As you pass through the entrance, it is as if you are entering a different world,
far away from the hustle and bustle outside.

As you walk through the fantastic lobby
you will be greeted by the warm, inviting fireplace and friendly reception.
Relax and enjoy the seated style check-in.


Time to get wined!

Don't miss the free wine service

Come and enjoy complimentary wine service at the bar on the 1st floor every day from 5pm-6:30pm.

There are no charges, so please take your time and enjoy some delicious wine before dinner.


Dine and wine

Enjoy authentic Otaru cuisine in a fantastic setting.

Dine at UNWIND's main restaurant, "THE BALL".

Our restaurant takes pride in using fresh Hokkaido ingredients sourced locally.
Experience a glamorous and contemporary dining experience with us.


Chill out until bed.

Late-night at BAR IGNIS

After dinner come to BAR IGNIS.

In a dark space illuminated by comforting candlelight,
surrounded in the building's rich history,
savor the final moments of the day before drifting off to sleep.


Morning high tea

Experience high tea in your favorite venue

As Hokkaido's inaugural historic hotel exclusively catering to foreigners,
we aimed to offer a breakfast experience that blends an unconventional style with a strong sense of tradition.
This led us to present our esteemed guests with an exclusive morning high tea experience.

The morning high tea stand features three tiers, consisting of a hot plate, a cold plate, and a sweets plate.
Each delectable dish is crafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from Hokkaido,
known for its bountiful culinary treasures.
Indulge in an elegant high-tea-style breakfast at our timeless and classic hotel.


Check out

Until next time!

We will see you off on your next journey and hope you join us again soon.