Privacy Policy

GLOBAL AGENTS CO., LTD (hereinafter “we”) is aiming to build a society by providing a new life style through our business such as social apartment and hotel development, and operating. We obtain and utilize customer’s personal information such as email address, telephone number, name and address in order to carry out business safely so that we have established this Privacy Policy listed below and ensure that we handle all personal information in accordance to Privacy Policy as well as disseminate it to executives and all employees.


We will specify the purposes of utilizing personal information and handle the information within the scope necessary to achieve them. In addition, we shall not use personal information for any unintended purpose.


We will obtain personal information in an appropriate and legal manner.


We will not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent from the customer.


We will strive to take necessary and appropriate action for the security control of personal information including preventing the leakage, loss or damage of its handled personal data.


We will strive to keep the individual who has provided the information properly involved in the handling process, and keep the personal information accurate and updated to the extent possible.


We will comply with all laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information and have established internal regulations that we will review continuously.


We will respond properly to complaints and consultations with respect to the protection of personal information by establishing a consultation desk.


Established and implemented on March 1st, 2021

Handling of Personal Information

GLOBAL AGENTS CO., LTD (hereinafter “we”) shall notice and conform to this Privacy Policy and respect the privacy of companies, affiliated companies, associations and individuals that use our services (hereinafter the “Customers”). We shall handle personal information (as defined below) with the utmost care and attention.

1. Definitions of personal information

Personal information shall mean any information related to the Customers including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any information that can identify the Customers. Even if the information cannot be used enough for identifying the Customers, such information shall be treated as personal information if it can be easily collated with other information and thereby can identify the Customers.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

We will use collected personal information for the following purposes.
・To provide our services to the Customers.
・To contact the Customers for the purpose of confirming reservation details, etc.
・To inform and confirm product shipping, payment and settlement process, and other transactions.
・To provide information of our or our group companies services by sending advertisements, phone calls, or sending emails.
・For marketing activities(interviews, etc.) and to research and analyze customer trends and service and merchandise development.
・To track usage information of our or our affiliated companies facilities and services for improvement and development, etc.
・To improve our website, services and merchandise.
・To provide invitations or announcements of events that we organize, support, sponsor and cooperate, and to send seasonal greetings.
・To carry out handling duties of a partial or all of the personal information that are outsourced by other companies in a proper manner.
・For recruitment activities and contact people related to the recruitment
・Any other business incidental or related to the above purpose of use.
・Response based on the laws and regulations or administrative notices and guidance.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

We shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from the Customers except in the following cases.
・When we judge that the Customers would cause disadvantages to third parties.
・When it is particularly necessary to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain a principal's consent.
・When it is necessary to cooperate in regard to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining a principal's consent would interfere with the performance of the above affairs.
・When we are required to disclose personal information by courts, public prosecutors, police or any organizations that has authority equivalent to these.
・When the Customers request expressly to disclose or provide personal information to third parties.
・When disclosing or providing personal information is allowed by laws and regulations.
・When personal information is accompanied with business succession caused by a merger or other reasons and we will not use the information beyond the purpose of use prior to succession.

4. Outsourcing of handling personal information and supervision of entrusted companies or person.

We may outsource the handling of personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In this case, we shall take necessary and appropriate supervision to entrusted companies or person pursuant to Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations.

5.Use of statistically-processed data

When we produce anonymously processed information, we shall make it impossible to identify a specific individual and restore the personal information that was used for the production.
In addition, when we use the anonymously processed information, we shall not collate with other information in order to identify(re-identify) the individuals whose personal information is used to produce the said anonymously processed information.
When we produce anonymously processed information, we shall announce items regarding the individuals that are contained in the anonymously processed information pursuant to Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
When the anonymously processed information that we produce are provided to third parties, we shall announce items regarding the individuals that are contained in the anonymously processed information and the method of provision to the third parties as well as clearly specify that the provided information is the anonymously processed information to the third parties.

6. Restrictions on acquisition of sensitive personal information

In principle, we shall not obtain any personal information containing the following items unless otherwise the Customers provide them by themselves.
・Personal philosophy, belief or religion
・Race, ethnic background, family origin, registered domicile(excluding information about the prefecture of registered domicile), physically or mentally handicap, criminal records, and other items that are considered to cause social discrimination
・Worker’s rights to organize and bargain collectively and other acts of collective action
・Participation in a group demonstration act, use of the right of petition and other items that are related to exercising of political rights
・Healthcare and sex life

7. Identity verification

When membership registration is being conducted on our web services or the Customers use our services, or when disclosure, amendment, and deletion of personal information, or suspension in use is required by the Customers, we verify the identification of the Customers by confirming the information such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, membership number and password, etc. However, we shall have no responsibility if someone other than the actual Customers obtains and uses this information.

8. Use of Cookies

We may obtain and use the Customers information through a cookie data to provide better services. The Customers can disable the cookie by changing browser settings. However, without cookies, they may not be able to use a part of our services. We use “Google Analytics” which is the access analysis tool provided by Google on this website.

9. Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on several of our webpages to understand the Customer’s behavior on our website. When Google Analytics is used, Google collect, record and analyze the history of the Customer’s site visits by using cookies that we issue. We receive the analysis results from Google and use them to understand the Customer’s behavior on our website. There is no personal information that identify the specific individuals in the Customer’s information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics. In addition, these data are handled by Google in accordance with its privacy policy. For more details of the policy, please refer to Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.
Google Analytics Terms of Service:

Google Privacy Policy:

10. Regarding Microsoft Clarity

Our managed websites utilize Microsoft Clarity, a service offered by Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft"), to gather insights on how our websites are utilized. Microsoft Clarity stores data pertaining to the pages you visit, your site engagement duration, navigation patterns, and interactions, such as clicks. This information is not utilized to personally identify you. We receive analytics from Microsoft to assess how our customers utilize the website. Microsoft collects and maintains this data in accordance with their own privacy statement, and they employ it for purposes such as delivering advertisements.
Microsoft's privacy statement can be found here:

11. Modifications to Privacy Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy depending on changes in social conditions, developments of technology and amendments to Act on the Protection of Personal Information, etc. We shall post modified Privacy Policy and the date of modification on our website after modifying Privacy Policy as well as inform it to the Customers or in other appropriate ways.

12. Disclosure, correction and suspension of retained personal information

When the Customers require to disclose, revise (correct, add or delete personal information) or suspend (suspension of use or elimination), we will disclose, revise or suspend retained personal information after verifying the identification with a public document such as a copy of the residence certificate. If we cannot meet the Customers requests, we will explain the reason. For more information of the procedures, please contact the following consultation desk.

13. Inquiries

We will strive to respond properly and promptly to inquiries, requests and complaints regarding handling of personal information.
Please contact the following consultation desk if you have any inquiries regarding personal information.

Privacy Policy Consultation Desk:


Established and implemented on March 1st, 2021