Imperfection is the Keynote of a Great Journey

For those who like to travel spontaneously,
it’s no secret that the best trips are usually
the ones that are not planned too much in advance.

We believe that while it is good to make detailed plans beforehand,
it is precisely this kind of incomplete travel,
in which one dares to leave many blank spaces and fill in the travel schedule as one pleases,
that makes for the best travel experience, full of unexpected encounters and discoveries.

Discover your next adventure at ESTINATE HOTEL NAHA.
Just check-in, drop your luggage off and come to our various communal spaces
to create your next travel experience through exchange with locals, staff and other fellow travelers.

The goal of this hotel is to become more than just a place to stay;
we hope it can be a place where travelers can meet people,
share stories, and discover what is "next" for them.




Make your Trip Plans on Site


The perfect place to start your Okinawa trip

Located along National Highway No. 58 with good access to the northern part of the island, the hotel is just a 10-minute drive from Naha Airport and a 7-minute walk from Yui Rail "Mieibashi" station. It is also only a 10-minute walk to Kokusai-dori and a 5-minute walk to Tomari Whard Terminal, making it a perfect place to stay your first night on Okinawa.


Gather valuable information on your first night

Don't plan too much in advance. Get firsthand information from locals while you are there or ask our staff to help you plan the rest of your trip. We support you to make your trip unexpected and wonderful.

The Perfect Place to Chill-Out


Lobby Lounge

The front desk and lounge are integrated into the main space of the hotel. Guests are free to use it for resting, meeting, or dining after check-in.


Outdoor Terrace

The terrace adjacent to the lounge is also available 24 hours a day. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace while soaking up the sun, and BBQ in the evening as you create unforgettable memories!

Try our Delicious Local Delights or Enjoy a Meal Out


Free beer in the evening for guests

Complimentary beer is served in the lobby on the 1st floor in the evening. The lobby has a relaxed atmosphere where guests are welcome to sit and chat with the staff or other fellow travelers.


Okinawa x Mexican fusion cuisine

Using ingredients native to the island, our chef will contribute to a refined & unique culinary experience by blending elements of Okinawa and Mexican cuisine.

Infinite Ways to Enjoy Your Room


Play with a wide variety of rental items

We offer more than 100 rental items for any given stay. From blankets and extra pillows to games, charging cables, we have anything you need to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


Drinks delivered to your room

We of course recommend visiting restaurants around the hotel, but we also offer a full range of room service. We will deliver a variety of easy and substantial meal menus and alcoholic beverages to your room or suite.

Infinite Possibilities at your Fingertips


Mobile check-in/check-out

With our new check-in process, you can complete your check-in from your smartphone, allowing you to bypass reception and avoid the usual queue and pick up your key at the front desk.


Pay everything with your smartphone

Once you've finished eating, simply scan the QR code on your phone, and the bill will be automatically charged to your room.

A Fully Customizable Experience


Staff with similar interests to yours

We offer a home-like atmosphere where guests are mainly in their 20s or 30s. Our staff members of the same age group are encouraged to treat our guests like friends, providing services in their own way.


Local information delivered by special Curators

Nowadays, information is everywhere. You can search and book restaurants or tickets on your own but it's not always easy to decide which place is best for you. Our Curators will provide you with hotel recommendations and tips to make your trip successful. They'll ensure that you know where to find all of the local gems before your vacation even starts, including unique attractions and shopping destinations.


Discover original handcrafted lights made from authentic Ryukyu glass,
and a collection of local arts and crafts reminiscent of Okinawa culture.
Modern design combined with Okinawan culture and a playful spirit gives the rooms a unique feel.