Experience crafting your urban narrative

Located on the former site of the elevated railway line that was abandoned
during the undergrounding of the Tokyu Toyoko line between Shibuya and Daikanyama,
our hotel offers a unique atmosphere reminiscent of international hostels.

Within the hotel, we've woven the story of the elevated railway's past
and the transformation of Shibuya into our spatial design and graphic art.

Our goal is to provide a hotel experience
where you can further enjoy exploring Shibuya by immersing yourself in the history of the area
and the evolution of the very place you're staying in.




Relaxed and Welcoming Atmosphere


Complimentary beers exclusively for our guests

We offer complimentary beer service in the evening, conveniently located near the front desk. Guests are encouraged to relax in our lobby, engage in friendly conversations with our staff at the counter, and connect with fellow travelers in a relaxed and informal setting.



The lounge on the top floor of the hotel is freely accessible 24/7 for all guests. Adjacent to billiards and a terrace, it also features a self-service refreshment corner for your convenience.

Indulge in Food and Drinks at the Hotel


Six breakfast variations that are both powerful and healthy

Energize your day with our breakfast featuring freshly picked vegetables, homemade doughnuts, and focaccia. Try our signature doughnut French toast filled with seasonal fruit and a delicately sweet yogurt cream!


Indulge in our artful deli bread, best enjoyed with a knife and fork

Experience culinary art on your plate—a moment of excitement with every knife cut. Feel the chef's meticulous attention to detail in every delectable bite.

Infinite Ways To Enjoy Your Room


Play with a wide variety of rental items

Our rental service offers more than 100 items at any given time, including practical items like blankets, charging cables, and extra pillows, as well as fun and enjoyable items like games and appliances. With such a wide range of options, we're sure to have something to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


Food and Beverages at your Doorstep

Our chef has carefully crafted a menu of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From curry and other entrees to snacks that pair perfectly with your favorite drink, our room service team is dedicated to providing you with a dining experience that's both delicious and convenient.

A Fully Customizable Experience


Staff with similar interests to yours

At Lively Hotels, we have a young and friendly staff who are dedicated to providing you with a welcoming and stress-free stay. We want you to feel at home and offer top-notch hospitality without any formality. Our team is always available to assist you with any needs or recommendations for local hotspots.


Local information delivered by special Curators

At our hotel, we understand that in this day and age, it's easy to find stores, tickets, and make reservations on your own. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming and lead to making mistakes.Our expert team of Curators considers your interests and needs to provide personalized recommendations for your trip. From local hotspots to must-see attractions, our Curators has got you covered. Trust us to back up your trip and make it a memorable experience.

Infinite Possibilities at your Fingertips


Mobile Check-in/Check-out

With our new check-in process, you can complete your check-in from your smartphone, allowing you to bypass reception and avoid the usual queue and pick up your key at the front desk.


Pay Everything With Your Smartphone

Your smartphone can be used to bill all hotel charges to your room. Simply scan the QR code on the receipt with your phone, and the it will be automatically billed at check-out.


Select from a diverse range of room types, including standard rooms with unit baths, or rooms & dormitories with access to dedicated hotel shower facilities—a hallmark of hostels. Whether you're an avid hostel enthusiast or merely seeking to experience the hostel vibe, we have the ideal room for your stay.