A full range of welcome services

Free drink service in the evening

As part of our welcome service, Lively Hotels provides free alcohol at each of our locations. You read that correctly! We will be serving free beer or wine in the lounge in the evening. This is the perfect opportunity to sit down, relax and discuss with other fellow travelers or members of the local community.

※We also serve non-alcoholic drinks for children and those who cannot consume alcohol

Welcome drinks at check-in for a great start!

At check-in, guests are provided with a welcome beverage. Discover the unique taste and fragrance of Hibiscus Iced Tea in Okinawa, or warm up around a fireplace with a homemade hot and sour Apple Cider in Hokkaido.

※Only available at some selected facilities.

Seasonal and holiday gifts that match the occasion

In order to provide our customers with a sense of the traditions of the area, we offer seasonal small gifts that correspond to the current seasons or annual events. We also organize a number of events throughout the year. The experience of staying at one of our hotels goes beyond the rooms.

Plenty of free and instagramable places to work remotely

We put a lot of effort into developing our common areas at Lively Hotels. Lobby, Lounge, Working Space, Rooftop Terrace... Each hotel offers guests a variety of free areas that they can use whenever they want. Each space has been carefully designed to encourage interaction and make you want to take pictures. We also provide self-serve coffee stations for your convenience. Many of the seating areas have power outlets and Free WiFi, so it's an ideal location for working remotely.

※Only available at some selected facilities.