Creative Perspectives

A Design Unlike Any Other in the World

Unique & creative design expresses the essence of Lively Hotels. With a background in design, our team has a passion for creating innovative spaces, from simple desktop decor to large scale interior designs. We are driven to create visually stimulating designs, using unique graphic and decoration elements that are both pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

A Travel Experience Enhanced
By our Curated Music Collection

Along with the visual design, background music is also a vital part of our creative process. All locations at Lively Hotels feature playlists that are selected based on the hotel's scene, such as morning, noon, and night.

High-quality & Story-telling Amenities

Amenities are often cited as one of the pleasures of staying at a hotel. Lively Hotels offers high-quality world-class amenities. The shampoo and other toiletries we choose are highly rated overseas, and we even serve locally roasted coffee in the guest rooms in original custom packaging.

Fashionable Items That aren't just for Hotels

Hotels are places to express individuality and are also viewed as fashion statements. Lively Hotels offers original items that express individuality and items made in collaboration with various creators and companies.