Cutting-Edge Technology

From room service to room requests, everything can be ordered and done using your smartphone in a convenient, safe, and secure way.
With our exclusive online services, everything you need is just a swipe away!

Plan ahead and order amenities and items in advance

If you would like to keep certain amenities and rental items in your room, you can request them in advance. Items such as baby goods, humidifiers, and air purifiers are available upon request. Please let us know what you need!

Mobile Check-in

Bypass reception and avoid the usual queue by checking in online with your phone, making the process faster and more convenient. Your room and key will be carefully prepared by our team in anticipation of your arrival. No waste of time!

※You must register a credit card in order to use this service, regardless of whether you pay on-site or online.

Use your smartphone
to pay at restaurants and bars

Once you've finished eating, simply scan the QR code on your phone, and the bill will be automatically charged to your room. Our staff can provide you with a tablet if you don't have a smartphone or your battery has run out.

Room Service

You can browse your hotel's menu and order meals and drinks on your phone. Your food will be delivered directly to your room.

Order rental items in your room

We have more than 100 different amenities and rental items to choose from to make your stay more tailored to your needs. Wants to play some games? Forgot something at home? We've got you!

Chat with staff

Need info? Chat directly with your hotel to ask about hotel features, make special requests, receive local recommendations and more. Our mobile chat service lets you text your hotel before, during, or even after your stay.

Request late check-out

You can easily request a late check-out from your smartphone if you would like to stay in your room a little bit longer. Take advantage of it whenever you feel like getting up late that day and relaxing a little more or when you have an online meeting that runs longer than you expected.

Settle your payment on your way home!

It is possible to check out immediately from wherever you are! Any additional cost incurred during your stay can be paid online and you'll be able to download your invoice directly throughout your account. You're all ready to go! All you have to do is return the key to the front desk. Some of our locations also have dedicated express check-out boxes at the exit where you can drop off your key.

Paperless Culture

We operate entirely paperless in our hotels. All small tasks are automated so we can focus on providing excellent service to our guests.