Personalized Hospitality

Flexible service tailored to each guest

There is no proper manual at Lively Hotels. Neither are uniforms provided for specific functions such as doorman. Our team of employees is dedicated to helping not just one way, but numerous ways. As a hospitality company, Lively Hotels is committed to supporting guests so that they can have a stay that suits their needs.。

The more you stay, the more it feels like family

Every interaction you have with Lively Hotels is tracked, so we can remember what you like and make your next stay even more personalized. Do not hesitate to communicate with the staff when you stay. The longer you stay with us, the more family-like our relationship will become, and unnecessary communication will be avoided in favor of deep & meaningful communication instead. You can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your stay at Lively Hotels every time you stay there.</h2>

The perfect place to surprise friends and family

Going to a restaurant for a birthday party is great, but a bit old school. Why don't you try doing it at one of our hotels? Enjoy a casual celebration at Lively Hotels without worrying about time or being stared at by others in a restaurant. Whether you want to decorate the room in advance or bring cakes and bouquets at your preferred time, this is an original surprise that you or your partner will never forget! Feel free to ask our staff for detailed assistance with your project.