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24 Hours in Sapporo

If you’re looking for the best way to spend 24 hours in Sapporo, then look no further than this guide on how to make the most of your day in this beautiful city. A fusion of contemporary charm and traditional allure awaits at every turn in the beautiful capital of Hokkaido. In 24 hours, you can embark on a kaleidoscope of experiences that showcases the city’s dynamic character and will leave an indelible mark on your travel memories. To make the most out of your visit, book a stay at UNWIND HOTEL&BAR SAPPORO, where your central location will allow you to easily access all the sights in this guide and more.

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Stroll through Maruyama Park

Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

Embrace the ethereal beauty of Otaru as the first light of dawn unveils the picturesque landscapes, commencing your day with a serene retreat to the enchanting Maruyama Park. Renowned for its captivating display of weeping cherry blossoms, this expansive oasis stands as a testament to the city’s natural splendor and offers a tranquil respite from the bustling urban scene. As you enter Maruyama Park, the soft hues of dawn cast a gentle glow, creating an ambiance of tranquility that is perfect for a leisurely morning escapade. If you visit in spring, the iconic weeping cherry blossoms, delicately swaying in the early breeze, paint a mesmerizing tableau, inviting you to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of nature. The park’s sprawling grounds, adorned with vibrant flora, provide an idyllic setting for a leisurely stroll along winding paths, allowing you to connect with the peaceful rhythm of the surroundings. For those with a penchant for wildlife, the adjacent Maruyama Zoo beckons with its diverse collection of animals. A perfect extension of your morning sojourn, the zoo offers an opportunity to observe and appreciate a myriad of species, from exotic creatures to local wildlife. Whether you’re captivated by the playful antics of primates or the majestic presence of big cats, the zoo provides an immersive experience for animal enthusiasts of all ages.

Embark on a Sweets Journey Through Shiroi Koibito Park

Photo by Lionel Leong

Embark on a whimsical journey to the enchanting Shiroi Koibito Park, a delightful confectionery wonderland that beckons with its charming ambiance and sweet allure. As you step into Shiroi Koibito Park, you’ll find yourself surrounded by picturesque landscapes and architectural charm. The park’s main attraction is the iconic Shiroi Koibito Cookiecraft Studio, where you can witness the artistry of skilled craftsmen creating beautiful and intricate chocolate cookies. You can wander through the beautifully landscaped gardens of the park, where seasonal blooms add bursts of color to the surroundings. Quaint bridges, charming pathways and decorative elements evoke a storybook atmosphere, creating a perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls and memorable moments. The highlight of your visit may well be the Shiroi Koibito Park’s European-inspired architecture. The park’s signature structure, reminiscent of a European-style courtyard, houses the Shiroi Koibito Lounge. This cozy café provides a serene setting to unwind and enjoy an array of delectable sweets inspired by the iconic Shiroi Koibito cookies. From elegantly crafted cakes to irresistible pastries, each treat reflects the essence of the Shiroi Koibito brand. Don’t forget to explore the Shiroi Koibito Museum, an exhibit that delves into the fascinating history of these beloved cookies. Vintage packaging, historical artifacts and engaging displays offer insights into the evolution of Shiroi Koibito, providing a deeper appreciation for this cherished confection. The park also features a delightful gift shop where you can purchase an array of Shiroi Koibito-themed souvenirs, chocolates, and other exclusive items. For those looking for a token to remember their visit or those seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, this shop may be the best place to visit.

Indulge in Hokkaido’s Culinary Treasures at Nijo Market

Photo by Sarah Whitcher Kansa

Visit Nijo Market for the region’s freshest seafood, locally sourced produce and delectable treats. As you step into the market, a lively atmosphere greets you with the hustle and bustle of vendors showcasing an impressive array of the region’s finest catches. Nijo Market is renowned for its emphasis on quality and authenticity, ensuring that visitors can indulge in the best that Hokkaido’s bountiful seas have to offer. One of the highlights of your visit to Nijo Market is the opportunity to savor Hokkaido’s famous seafood delicacies. Dive into the oceanic flavors with a kaisendon, a sumptuous seafood rice bowl that showcases an exquisite medley of freshly caught treasures. Each bite is a symphony of textures and tastes, from succulent slices of sashimi to the briny freshness of Hokkaido’s renowned seafood. For the adventurous palate, don’t miss the chance to relish the buttery richness of fresh uni, or sea urchin. Hokkaido is celebrated for producing some of the finest uni in the world and Nijo Market provides a perfect venue to experience this delicacy at its peak of flavor and quality. For those not a fan of seafood, there are plenty of other options available from grilled seafood skewers to savory bites like yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) and yaki imo (roasted sweet potatoes). Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Nijo Market as you navigate through its alleys and stalls, interacting with friendly vendors passionate about sharing their culinary creations.

Experience Sapporo’s Urban Charms in Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower

Take a post-lunch stroll through Odori Park, a testament to Sapporo’s commitment to blending nature seamlessly with urban living. This vast park, divided into different sections, offers a multifaceted experience that captivates visitors with its cultural richness and dynamic ambiance. The park transforms into a vibrant venue for celebrations, with various sculptures, meticulously curated gardens and beautiful fountains contributing to the lively atmosphere. Whether it’s a seasonal festival or an art exhibition, there’s always something captivating to encounter as you navigate the park’s winding paths. One of the park’s prominent landmarks that demands attention is the iconic Sapporo TV Tower. Standing tall and elegant against the skyline, the tower serves as both a visual focal point and an opportunity for panoramic exploration. Ascend to new heights by taking an elevator ride to the tower’s observation deck, where a breathtaking panorama of the city unfolds before your eyes. Marvel at the sprawling cityscape, beautifully juxtaposed against the majestic backdrop of surrounding mountains.

Experience Retail Therapy at Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade

Photo by MIKI Yoshihito

Indulge in some retail therapy at Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, a historic gem nestled in the heart of Sapporo. This bustling shopping district invites you to immerse yourself in a world of diverse offerings, where traditional charm meets contemporary allure. Wandering through Tanukikoji, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a myriad of shops, each exuding its unique character. Local boutiques showcase Hokkaido’s artisanal craftsmanship, offering an array of handmade goods that make for perfect souvenirs and gifts. International brands add a touch of cosmopolitan flair to the arcade, creating a shopping experience that seamlessly blends the old with the new. The charming alleyways of Tanukikoji beckon you to explore their hidden corners, where surprises and treasures await at every turn. Engage in a bit of retail therapy as you peruse clothing boutiques, accessory stores and specialty shops showcasing everything from traditional Japanese crafts to modern fashion trends. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest trends or seeking one-of-a-kind items, Tanukikoji caters to all tastes and preferences. As you navigate through this lively arcade, take a moment to indulge your senses in the delightful aromas emanating from local snack stalls. Sample Hokkaido’s culinary delights, from sweet confections to savory treats, and experience the gastronomic diversity that defines this vibrant region.

Explore Sapporo Beer Museum

Photo by Manu

Learn about the rich brewing history of Sapporo at the Sapporo Beer Museum, housed within the confines of a meticulously preserved red-brick building. This architectural gem not only stands as a testament to the city’s past but also serves as a portal to the artistry of beer-making in Hokkaido. You can partake in a guided tour that unveils the secrets of Sapporo’s brewing legacy. Gain insights into the intricate brewing process, from the meticulous selection of ingredients to the craftsmanship behind creating each distinctive brew. The museum’s exhibits chronicle the evolution of Sapporo Beer, offering a fascinating journey through time. A highlight of your visit is the tasting session, where you can indulge your palate with a selection of Sapporo’s finest brews. Experience firsthand the distinct flavors that have made Sapporo beer renowned, and perhaps discover a new favorite among their offerings.

Enjoy a Drink at Bar Ignis Sapporo

Cap off your day in Sapporo with a touch of sophistication and warmth at Bar Ignis Sapporo, the perfect destination for a unique and cozy drink. Located inside a historical building overlooks Otaru Harbor, Bar Ignis has many drinks inspired by the great outdoors and its local flavors. In addition to a wide selection of Hokkaido’s famous local wines, Bar Ignis Sapporo offers some of Japan’s most incredible signature cocktails, using only the finest local ingredients to transport you to another world. You can also try an original craft gin made in collaboration with Shakotan Spirit, a distillery on Hokkaido’s western coast. Guests staying at the hotel can also enjoy free wine on the 10th floor everyday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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