Inspiring Common Areas


Our hotel's value is not just in the quality of our rooms; it's also in the quality of the space that surrounds you.
20% of our hotel floor area is dedicated to shared spaces: workspaces, kitchens, play zones, dining areas and bar counters that are available 24 hours a day.
Travelers come here to work, play, cook, socialize and relax.
The Millennials brand isn’t just about sleeping; it’s about living your life in a way that’s not possible at conventional hotels.



The lounge is available for both guests and coworking users. With its futuristic design, it's the perfect place to connect with other fellow travelers or simply relax and unwind. Free beer will be served in the evening. Don't miss it!


Communal Kitchen

Our self-service kitchen gives you the freedom to cook and eat by yourself during your stay. It's fully equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils, so you can prepare a meal at anytime. Enjoy coffee, tea, cocoa and other hot beverages at your leisure 24 hours a day.


Coworking Space

A glass wall separates the coworking area from the lounge so you can focus on your work. Furthermore, a meeting room is available for rental by the hour, and private booths are also available for web conferences at no extra charge.


Bathrooms (For guests only)

Luxury meets modern design in our bathrooms! Metal finishes create a futuristic look, while a high-quality shower and toilet will satisfy even the most discerning guest.