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Top 7 Genghis Khan Restaurants in Sapporo

During your visit to Sapporo, why not try Genghis khan, a Hokkaido specialty? Genghis Khan consists of thinly sliced lamb or mutton and vegetables like onions and cabbage grilled on a skillet and seasoned with soy sauce, sake, mirin and other flavorings. Sapporo, known for its vibrant food culture, offers many Genghis Khan restaurants, each with its unique twist on the classic recipe. In this article you will learn about the best Genghis Khan restaurants in Sapporo that are a must-visit for both locals and visitors alike.

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  1. Daruma Main Shop
  2. Higenoushi
  3. Itadakimasu
  4. Fukuroutei
  5. Shirokuma Sapporo Genghis Khan Honten
  7. Shimadaya

Daruma Main Shop

Photo by fugu deep-fried

Daruma Main Shop, established in 1954, has been a Susukino specialty, known for its authentic Genghis Khan. The restaurant, open daily, is dedicated to preserving the timeless taste that has delighted patrons over the years. Every day, the restaurant uses fresh mutton, expertly cut by a skilled craftsman just before opening. The distinct flavor of the mutton is elevated by the owner’s handmade special sauce, a tradition since the restaurant’s inception.For a unique experience, patrons can pair their meal with hojicha tea, and the combination of hojicha tea and ochazuke with the succulent Genghis Khan sauce has become a cherished hidden gem. Another standout is the house-made kimchi, a delightful accompaniment to meat and beer, with some even adding it to ochazuke. While Daruma may not be ideal for large groups due to limited seating and the inability to make reservations, we encourage you to savor the taste even if waiting in line, as the popularity and genuine flavors create a multitude of repeat customers.


Higenoushi offers a cozy dining experience across two floors, featuring counter seats on the first floor for solo diners and table seats on the second floor perfect for families and groups. They pride themselves on the diverse cuts of lamb from rare like to various selections from Icelandic to Australian lamb. They offer two grilling methods—Genghis Khan hot pot and charcoal-grilled, using traditional shichirin, a lightweight cooking stove. Their stylish and welcoming interior is perfect for casual dining, making it an ideal spot for dates.


Itadakimasu serves lamb from their own ranch in Yuni Town, Hokkaido. They raise sheep at their ranch and age the meat in refrigerators with temperature control in their meat processing facility. You can order popular cuts like liver, sagari, heart, tongue and fuwa—parts rarely found in other establishments. Even when enjoyed with just salt and pepper, their lamb boasts a unique and delicious quality.


The Genghis Khan at Fukuroutei is made exclusively with Australian lamb shoulder loin, known for being the tastiest cut in the region. This selection ensures a tender and juicy experience with minimal lamb odor. Additionally, their special sauce maximizes the deliciousness of Genghis Khan. To maintain the freshness of lamb meat, they hand-cut each slice upon receiving an order. For 13 years, they have been serving the Genghis Khan enjoyed in the original owner’s hometown of Tsukisamu. The “Tsukisamu Style” emphasizes the sauce as the key ingredient. Fukuroutei uses a blend of 16 spices including based soy sauce, garlic and ginger. This unique flavor brings out a spicy and appetizing aroma, enhancing the sweetness of the lamb. Furthermore, only carefully selected Australian lamb shoulder loin is used. Its tenderness and lean red meat, combined with the secret sauce, deliver a delightful culinary experience.

Shirokuma Sapporo Genghis Khan Honten

Shirokuma Sapporo Genghis Khan Honten offer carefully selected meats such as locally sourced Hokkaido lamb and whole-bought lamb and mutton directly from a ranch, all of which have never been frozen. Cooked in their unique pot, the Genghis Khan at Shirokuma features ample lamb with an elevated center, grilled alongside plentiful vegetables. They proudly offer Hokkaido-produced, Australian and Icelandic lamb. Furthermore, you can enjoy different ages of meat – lamb under 12 months, hogget aged 12-24 months, and mutton aged 24 months and above – each providing distinct flavors!


BUNJURO JINZISUKAN offers fresh lamb shoulder loin. They use odorless and tender lamb meat, aged under 14 months. They offer it using a meticulous meat-handling method that brings out a rich, deep flavors without any gaminess. They offer a rare cut of juicy and tender lamb tongue that only yields a few dozen grams from each lamb. Their interior has a unique and sophisticated design and they can accommodate large groups of more than 20 people by reservation.


Shimadaya, loved by locals, offers many all-you-can-eat courses with not only lamb yakiniku but also other cuts of meat and side dishes. Additionally, for an extra 1,500 yen, you can enjoy all-you-can-drink alcohol. While faithfully preserving its taste and tradition, they have evolved with a unique twist on lamb yakiniku, offering various cuts of lamb for you to enjoy. You can traditional “Shimadaya Genghis Khan” and other menu items, including the finest lamb kalbi and lamb shoulder loin. The calm and sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant, with table seats, private rooms and counter seats, provides a relaxed space for family and friends to enjoy their meals. Private reservations are available for 20 to 50 people.

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