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Top 3 Soup Curry Restaurants in Sapporo

During your trip to Sapporo, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try one of the region’s most well-known dishes, soup curry. This article will introduce you to the top three soup curry restaurants in Sapporo that will provide you heartwarming comfort during the cold winter months. Soup curry in Sapporo is renowned for its aromatic broths, customizable spice levels and an abundance of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, making it an absolute must-try specialty. From velvety broths to a diverse selection of hearty ingredients, these venues epitomize the essence of Sapporo’s thriving culinary landscape. Experience the best that Sapporo has to offer and elevate your culinary experience by visiting these top three recommended soup curry restaurants.

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Rojiura Curry SAMURAI Sakura Branch

Photo by Robert Thomson

The rich soup curry served at Rojiura Curry SAMURAI Sakura Branch is made with vegetables directly contracted from farmers in Shibetsu and Nayoro, Hokkaido. The interior is stylish and cozy with wood paneling. They pride themselves on not using artificial flavoring, but a large amount of vegetables, chicken, pork bones, dried bonito flakes, dried bonito flakes, etc. The soup is made by simmering a large amount of vegetables, chicken, pork bones and dried bonito flakes for two whole days to condense the flavor. Homemade spices are added to create a thick soup curry. In addition to the type of soup, spiciness and amount of rice, you can also choose from a wide variety of toppings, You can also choose from a wide variety of toppings. It is a great place to visit whether alone or with family or friends.

Soup Curry GARAKU

Photo by Kanesue

Soup Curry GARAKU stands out among the myriad of soup curry establishments in the city due to the enticing aroma of their delectable soup curry and the variety of options available. The menu boasts many options such as chicken, pork, mushroom, vegetable and unique combinations like cheese with bacon and tomato. They claim to offer the spiciest soup curries in Sapporo, with spice levels ranging from 1 to 5 for regular diners, 6 to 19 for spice enthusiasts and a daring 20 to 40 for those who relish the heat. You can also order spice levels beyond 5, up to a fiery 40. The menu also features spirits, beer, lassis and fried chicken. They even offer convenient takeout options with soup curry sets priced around 500 yen. Due to its popularity, be prepared for a wait, especially during peak hours. The cozy restaurant accommodates around 50 guests, and while securing a table is easier around 6 p.m., expect longer wait times after 7 p.m., particularly on weekends. The food is certainly worth the wait.


Photo by Takeshi Kiriya

Suage+ sets itself apart in the realm of soup curry by crisply preparing vegetables and solid ingredients without any batter or coating. The unique texture unfolds as the initial crunch transitions into the tenderness of vegetables, immersed in the curry’s light broth. Suage+ offers a choice between the Suage+ soup, a traditional curry broth, and the Suage+ exclusive ikakuro soup, crafted with squid ink. Originating in Sapporo in 2007 as a small local establishment, Suage+ has garnered a loyal following from both the local community and visitors worldwide. Currently, with five branches in Sapporo and three in Tokyo since 2019, Suage+ continues to expand its reach, with international locations in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and beyond. The commitment to sharing the taste of Suage globally remains a driving force for the brand.

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