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Top 3 Yakiniku Restaurants in Azabujuban

Yakiniku, translating to “grilled meat,” is a culinary experience that everyone from tourists to locals loves. Azabujuban, known for its culinary diversity, is home to an array of top-tier yakiniku restaurants, each offering a unique take on this beloved Japanese tradition. In this article you will discover the best yakiniku restaurants in Azabujuban near THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN. From the smoky allure of marbled Wagyu beef to the succulence of perfectly seasoned pork, you will enjoy these top yakiniku restaurants which showcase the finest cuts and the art of grilling to perfection. Whether you’re a seasoned yakiniku connoisseur or a first-time adventurer, this guide will navigate you through the delectable offerings, distinctive atmospheres and culinary philosophies that set these restaurants apart.

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Yakiniku Futago

Yakiniku Futago offers reasonably priced delicious yakiniku grilled by the waiter. The atmosphere, where adept staff skillfully grilled your cuts of meat, offers a comfortable environment. Despite being initially overlooked, Yakiniku Futago has quietly gained recognition in the competitive yakiniku landscape. A visit to this Azabujuban establishment reveals a small yet welcoming interior with an affordable eatery ambiance. The cost-effective pricing, allowing a combined expenditure of approximately 5,000 yen per person for food and drinks, positions the venue as a convenient and dependable choice when options are limited.


Ushinokura is a yakiniku restaurant affiliated with THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN and it features popular banquet courses and private rooms so you can enjoy yakiniku in a private, calm setting. While there are many specialty shops for black Wagyu beef, few offer the unique feature of knowing the producers behind the meat. Ushinokura not only emphasizes where the beef comes from but also who produces it, presenting Kagoshima’s A5-grade black Wagyu beef, known as the “Miracle of Satsuma Beef 4%,” with a focus on both origin and craftsmanship. As a certified dealer of raw meat, the restaurant offers Yukke, a dish featuring carefully selected black Wagyu beef, including their in-house brand A5-grade “Miracle of Satsuma Beef 4%.” The staff, well-versed in black Wagyu beef, provides it with meticulous cuts and an original sauce curated by the head chef. Directly sourced from 10 selected sake breweries, the premium black Wagyu beef, raised with dedication by master cattle farmers who prioritize quality feed, allows diners to savor not just the meat but also the environment and story of the brewery akin to enjoying fine wine. In private rooms, each providing a relaxed atmosphere, Ushi no Kura specializes in offering various ways to savor Wagyu beef, creating a unique dining experience in a space dedicated exclusively to Japanese beef.


Located just a 30-second walk from the hotel, you can enjoy fresh yukked and other carefully selected Wagyu beef from all over Japan at BULLS. The restaurant offers unique yakiniku experiences, such as the “Ultimate Tongue Shabu,” where a single beef tongue is cut and quickly seared shabu-shabu style with a special yuzu ponzu sauce, and the “Shobori,” where homemade wasabi paste is applied to lean meat before grilling, allowing the enjoyment of Wagyu’s umami and the fragrance of wasabi. Another distinctive dish is the “Black Wagyu Cheese Fondue,” where lean Wagyu beef is generously coated in a fondue sauce made with Emmental cheese, Gruyere cheese, and white wine. The sophisticated and stylish dining area, inspired by New York’s SoHo, features soft jazz vocals. Inside the restaurant, artworks by American pop art icon Andy Warhol adorn the walls, and there are two private rooms for four and six to eight guests, along with a dining corner for up to 18 people for private events. The terrace with a view of Roppongi Hills and Azabujuban offers a luxurious space for enjoying aperitifs and after-dinner drinks.

THE LIVELY TOKYO AZABUJUBAN crafts a luxurious lifestyle with 62 elegant rooms and attractive facilities including a rooftop bar with a great atmosphere.

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