2023-11-08 | Recommendations

Top 4 Staff-recommended Lunch Spots Near The Millennials Kyoto

The Millennials Kyoto offers a contemporary oasis for travelers seeking both comfort and style. However, a day of exploration and adventure often leads to hearty appetites and that’s where the city’s vibrant dining scene comes into play. In this guide, we introduce you to the top four staff-recommended lunch spots located conveniently near The Millennials Kyoto, ensuring that your midday culinary experiences are as delightful as your stay. From traditional Japanese fare to international fusion flavors, these restaurants provide a range of lunch options, all within easy reach of your accommodation. Whether you’re a traveler seeking a taste of authentic Kyoto cuisine or a local eager to explore new dining destinations, these restaurants are the perfect complements to your stay at The Millennials Kyoto.

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Namasoba Tokiwa

Located within a five-minute walk of The Millennials Kyoto, Namasoba Tokiwa offers traditional teishoku, or set meals, in a Showa-era interior restaurant. Although they have other branches in Kyoto and Osaka, they are special because they serve stove cooked rice rather than typical rice made in a rice cooker. The exterior of the restaurant says it was established in Meiji 11, or 1878, making this a place with a long history run for generations by the same family. They have English and Chinese menus as well. They are only open until 4 p.m. and are closed on Wednesdays, so make sure you time your visit.


While most tourists may head to Chao Chao Gyoza for the wide variety of gyoza flavors, MOTOI Gyoza is the place to go to eat the original and innovative gyoza in Kyoto. They serve lunch sets and specialize in four to five flavors of gyoza. Head Chef Maeda is a culinary expert who trained in Chinese cuisine for 10 years and worked at the world-famous three-star Michelin restaurant Hajime. The restaurant provides delicious gyoza made using high-quality ingredients and expertise.

Red Rock

Located two minutes from The Millennials Kyoto, Red Rock offers donburi for those in search of a quick and filling meal. Customers order from a vending machine, so you don’t need to worry about speaking to a waiter in Japanese. If you love premium beef, then this is the best restaurant to visit, but when it is busy, there may be a queue. Those who love rare and medium-rare beef will love the options at this restaurant.

Fukuya Kyoto

Fukuya Kyoto serves soba and donburi, but the soba stands out from other restaurants because the noodles are from Yamagata Prefecture so they are slightly harder and more chewy. The restaurant also sells sake you can par with the soba. Everything is at an acceptable price point around 1000 yen. It is a bit difficult to find because it is located in a traditional Japanese building that looks like a house and it is located down a narrow alley.

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