Inspiring Common Areas


Our hotel's value is not just in the quality of our rooms; it's also in the quality of the space that surrounds you.
20% of our hotel floor area is dedicated to shared spaces: workspaces, kitchens, play zones, dining areas and bar counters that are available 24 hours a day.
Travelers come here to work, play, cook, socialize and relax.
The Millennials brand isn’t just about sleeping; it’s about living your life in a way that’s not possible at conventional hotels.



Located inside the luxurious Lifestyle Hotel THE LIVELY FUKUOKA HAKATA, the elegantly designed lobby serves as a gathering place, a place to relax or dine, and even offers free beers during happy hour!


Coworking Space

A billiards table and a variety of playful features make this a wonderful place to work in a creative environment. It's the perfect location for travelers and coworking users to stay productive while traveling.


Bathrooms (For guests only)

Luxury meets modern design in our bathrooms! Metal finishes create a futuristic look, while a high-quality shower and toilet will satisfy even the most discerning guest.