2024-03-15 | Event

KOTATSU Movie Night Presents ‘Yesterday’ Screening on March 23rd

Hello, this is the staff at HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU.

Our hotel regularly hosts “Rooftop Movie Night” on Saturdays every month, and it has been very well-received each time. From November for a few months, we have been holding it in the tatami space on the first floor of the hotel, but in March, as it gradually becomes warmer, we plan to host it on the cafe terrace with kotatsu heaters set up. *In case of rain, the event will be held in the hotel’s tatami space.

With a desire for event participants to connect with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, this event welcomes both eating and conversation during the screening! Why not enjoy watching a movie while chatting with friends and other guests around a kotatsu?

This March, we will be screening “Yesterday”!

(C) 2019 Universal Studios and Perfect Universe Investment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Imagine a world where you’re the only one who knows The Beatles, a band everyone should recognize. That alone is enough to excite, presenting a love story with an innovative concept.

It may start off with a peculiar premise that makes you go “Huh?” but gradually, you’ll find yourself deeply engrossed in its refreshing and stylish narrative.

Whether you’re a Beatles aficionado or not very familiar with their work, this film offers a variety of perspectives for everyone to enjoy.

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On the day Jack, a struggling singer-songwriter, decides to give up on his dream of becoming famous through music, a mysterious global blackout lasting 12 seconds occurs.

In the darkness of this blackout, Jack has an accident and wakes up from a coma to discover…

The Beatles have never existed in this world!

He’s the only person on Earth who remembers them!?

When Jack starts performing The Beatles’ songs, his concerts become a hit, social media explodes, and the media can’t get enough of him!

Then, charmed by the songs, superstar musician Ed Sheeran makes a surprise visit and offers Jack to open for his tour.

After delivering performances that even Ed would envy, Jack finally receives an offer for a major debut.

It seemed like Jack’s unexpected dream had come true, but…

(C) 2019 Universal Studios and Perfect Universe Investment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Perfect Movie Night Snack: Slider Burgers

At the café in HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU, you can enjoy palm-sized hamburgers known as “slider burgers.” Out of six varieties, four are available as vegan options, offering a menu that caters to various dietary preferences. These sliders are the perfect size for munching on while watching a movie and pair wonderfully with alcoholic beverages, making them an ideal snack. Plus, look forward to our spring-exclusive original sweets coming soon!


  • Single Slider Burger: 650 yen to 750 yen (tax included),
  • Slider Set (Choice of 2 slider burgers/Fries or Salad/2 Side Dishes): 1,200 yen to 1,300 yen (tax included)
  • Assorted Sweets: From 400 yen

All-You-Can-Drink Plan

  • Includes: Draft beer, highball, orange juice, apple juice, iced tea
  • Price: 1,500 yen (tax included)

Event Overview

KOTATSU Movie Night

Featured Film: “Yesterday”
Location: HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU, 1st Floor Cafe Terrace Space
Date and Time: March 23, 2024 (Saturday), 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Capacity: About 20 people
How to Participate:

  1. For advance registration, click here
  2. Walk-ins: Purchase an all-you-can-drink plan at the venue (Adults: ¥1,500, High school students and younger: 500 yen)

*Guests staying at the hotel can participate for free

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