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You can’t say “Osaka” without “Okonomiyaki”! Introducing “Sakura”, an okonomiyaki restaurant, a five-minute ride with our rental bike.

Today we’re going to introduce an Osaka-typical restaurant which we definitely recommend visiting when renting our bicycles.

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Got your bike? Let’s go!!

A five-minute bike ride from the hotel, “Okonomiyaki Sakura” finds its roots in “Mitsuno’s”, a long-established restaurant that has been in Dotonbori for three generations. They decided to open “Sakura” as a new restaurant to pass along the flavors inherited from their masters.

The restaurant features both table seating and a counter, making it easy to go in even by yourself. Seating at the counter you can appreciate the chefs’ ability as they prepare the food right in front of you.
Traditional okonomiyaki is of course a great choice, but the must-try at “Sakura” is their specialty “Japanese yam-yaki” (“山芋焼き” on the Japanese menu), to pair with your favorite toppings, pork, shrimp, scallops and much more.

The base being 100% Japanese yam, it has a completely different texture from a traditional okonomiyaki, and it marries perfectly with the plenty of sauce it is served with.

In addition to the signature “Japanese yam-yaki”, you can choose among a great variety of dishes, from yakisoba made with the freshest noodle, to negi-yaki, a dish similar to okonomiyaki, but made with lots of fresh green onions.


The restaurant, open both for lunch and dinner, is the perfect spot to enjoy Osaka specialties, and just a few minutes from THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI.
We absolutely recommend a visit.

Restaurant name: お好み焼 さくら Okonomiyaki Sakura
Tel: 06-6941-5575
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 12:00~14:30
Closed on Sundays
Tabeog: link

*The above pictures were taken with the consent of the owner for the purpose of writing this article. Depending on the store or restaurant, photography may not be allowed. Please ask the staff when visiting or before taking pictures.

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