During your visit to Japan, why not try one of the many sakura-themed food and drinks on-sale at convenience stores or local shops? Cherry blossom season goes beyond just admiring the delicate pink petals because you can also enjoy many unique, pink and delicious items that capture the essence of spring. From traditional sweets to Instagram-worthy beverages, Japan offers many must-try sakura-inspired food and drinks that celebrate the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms. During your stay at one of our hotels this spring season you should take the opportunity to experience this seasonal delight.

Sakura Mochi

Photo by Goat Tree Designs

Sakura mochi is a traditional Japanese delicacy that is not only visually stunning but also satisfies the taste buds with its unique combination of flavors and textures. It consists of a sweetened rice cake known as mochi, which is typically made from glutinous rice flour, that is filled with anko, a sweet red bean paste. The mochi is wrapped in a fragrant pickled cherry blossom leaf, known as sakura no ha, which imparts a subtle floral aroma and a hint of saltiness. Sakura mochi symbolizes the arrival of spring and the beauty of cherry blossoms.

Sakura Latte

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The sakura latte combines the floral notes of sakura with creamy milk and espresso or matcha. The key ingredient that sets sakura latte apart is the sakura syrup or essence. Made from the petals of cherry blossoms, sakura syrup infuses the drink with a a touch of floral aroma and sweetness, reminiscent of springtime in Japan. As a final touch, Sakura Lattes are often garnished with a sprinkle of pink-hued sugar or edible cherry blossom petals, enhancing the drink’s visual appeal and adding a touch of whimsy.

Sakura Manju

Sakura manju is a traditional Japanese sweet that consists of a soft and pillowy exterior made from glutinous rice flour, giving it a chewy and slightly mochi-like texture. The filling, typically anko, is infused with the floral essence of cherry blossoms. Its appearance is reminiscent of a cherry blossom in full bloom with the outer layer often tinted a pale pink or white to mimic the color of sakura petals, while intricate designs may be pressed or painted onto the surface to evoke the delicate patterns found in nature.

Sakura Ice Cream

Sakura ice cream is a delightful dessert enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The base of the creamy and smooth ice cream is made using cherry blossom syrup, essence or extract, adding a touch of sweetness. Its enchanting pink color, which mirrors the soft hues of cherry blossom petals, makes it stand out. It can be enjoyed on its own or with toppings like sweet red bean paste, toasted mochi balls, or a drizzle of matcha syrup.

Sakura Yokan

Sakura yokan is a traditional Japanese dessert that features yokan, which is a type of sweet jelly made from agar agar, a gelatinous substance derived from seaweed. Sakura yokan is infused with the subtle essence of cherry blossoms and has intricate designs or patterns pressed into the surface of the jelly. These designs may include delicate cherry blossom motifs or other floral decorations. It is usually enjoyed on its own or paired with a cup of green tea.

Sakura Onigiri

Sakura onigiri consists of seasoned sushi rice, often wrapped in a delicate cherry blossom leaf or infused with the essence of sakura. The cherry blossom leaf not only adds a beautiful aesthetic touch to the onigiri but also infuses the rice with a gentle fragrance and a hint of earthy sweetness. In addition to the traditional cherry blossom leaf wrapping, some variations of sakura onigiri may incorporate sakura essence or extract into the rice itself, giving it a delicate pink hue and a subtle floral aroma.

Sakura Tea

Photo by cnishiyama

Sakura tea is a delicate and aromatic tea made from the delicate petals of cherry blossoms. It is loved for its gentle floral aroma and mild, slightly sweet taste, which evokes the fleeting beauty of cherry blossom season. The tea is often enjoyed on its own, allowing its delicate flavors to take center stage, but it can also be paired with other ingredients to create more complex and flavorful blends.

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