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Top 3 Ramen Restaurants at Ichijoji Ramen Street Near Ginkaku-ji

Nestled amidst the enchanting streets near Ginkaku-ji, the iconic Silver Pavilion in Kyoto, lies a hidden treasure trove of culinary delights that beckons the adventurous food lover. While this historic temple is renowned for its serene beauty, the neighboring area harbors a secret of its own—the delicious, yet rather unknown Ichijoji Ramen Street. A labyrinth of quaint lanes and traditional storefronts, this culinary enclave offers a tantalizing array of ramen experiences that have remained concealed from the tourist’s eye. In this article, we unveil the top three ramen establishments that are well-guarded secrets among locals and well-informed ramen enthusiasts. From rich and flavorful broths to perfectly textured noodles, the hidden Ramen Street near Ginkaku-ji promises a delightful exploration of ramen’s diverse and delectable world in the heart of Japan’s ancient capital.

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Photo by Ryosuke Hosoi

Located in Ichijoji, Gokkei has earned a distinguished reputation for its extraordinary chicken ramen. This famed eatery boasts a broth so rich and dense that there’s a local legend claiming your spoon can practically stand upright in it. “Gokkei,” a name translating to “extreme chicken,” couldn’t be more apt, as their menu centers on chicken-based ramen. Thanks to this unconventional chicken stock foundation, the soup attains remarkable depth without any off-putting odors. Their recommended items are tori-daku, which features a simple creamy white-sauce and speciality made noodles, and aka-daku, which has a bright red layer of chili powder. Gokkei’s ramen has captivated the taste buds of many, resulting in daily queues of devoted patrons. Depending on the time you visit, be prepared to wait awhile for your order. While their ramen may appear exceptionally hearty, it’s anything but a chaotic mess. Each element is thoughtfully orchestrated, from the angular and slightly al dente noodles to the generously portioned pork chashu, which engulfs half the bowl. Further enhancing the dish, you’ll find delicate leek shreds and satisfyingly chewy, oversized menma bamboo shoots. Gokkei offers four distinct ramen variations, all anchored in their signature tori-daku broth, each with its own unique toppings and flavor enhancements. If you favor lighter broths, this might not be your ideal destination, but for those with an affinity for robust, thick ramen and deeply layered flavors, Gokkei is an absolute must-visit. Be sure to arrive with a hearty appetite in tow!

Ichijoji Boogie

Ichijoji Boogie is a must-visit for Tsukemen enthusiasts, offering original and spicy Hiroshima-style Tsukemen. The secret to their delicious Tsukemen is simmering the soup until it thickens, creating a concentrated broth that clings to every noodle. Tsukemen, or “Dipping Noodle” in English, presents the noodles and soup separately for a unique dining experience. Ichijoji Boogie’s signature Tsukemen features a soy sauce and seafood-tonkotsu broth, known for its bold flavors and surprisingly light texture. The noodles are thick, curly, and firm, providing a perfect match for the dipping soup. What sets this place apart is the ability to customize your bowl with the desired amount of vegetables and meats, ensuring a personalized culinary adventure.


Photo by Ryosuke Hosoi

Tentenyu, a longstanding fixture in Ichijoji Ramen Street, stands as one of the oldest ramen establishments, faithfully serving its original Chuka Soba since 1971. In the tradition of classic Chuka Soba, Tentenyu’s noodles are delicately slender and perfectly straight, forming a harmonious combination with the restaurant’s signature chicken-based broth. What truly distinguishes Tentenyu is its meticulously crafted broth, the result of hours of slow simmering, which marries the essence of quality chicken and vegetables. This extraordinary chicken broth, noted for its rich and sweet flavors, has garnered a dedicated following spanning decades. Topping off their exquisite ramen are elements like succulent chashu, vibrant green onions, and flavorful menma, all locally sourced from the bountiful region of Kyoto, ensuring the highest level of quality. If you’re in search of a ramen experience that strikes the perfect balance between lightness and rich umami, Tentenyu is an absolute must-visit. It promises to satisfy your palate with every savory slurp.

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