Enjoy ‘UNWIND Takibi Parfait’ by the Rooftop Bonfire – Starting July 5th

Introducing the UNWIND Takibi Parfait: Enjoy a Bonfire and Dessert on the Rooftop Terrace. Available to non-guests as well.

Starting from July 5th, an original adult-flavored dessert, the “UNWIND Takibi Parfait”, will be available exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights at “BAR IGNIS Sapporo”, located on the 10th floor of UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo.

BAR IGNIS Sapporo offers a unique experience in Hokkaido, where summers are fleeting, with its exclusive rooftop terrace. Here, guests can enjoy an extraordinary evening around the nightly bonfire. The “UNWIND Takibi Parfait,” inspired by the hotel’s rooftop terrace bonfire, has been expertly crafted under the supervision of Masahiro Sato, the manager of Hotei Sweets Bishamonten.

This parfait is designed to complement a variety of cocktails, wines, and whiskeys, making it the perfect dessert to enjoy at the bar. Relax by the fire and savor this delightful parfait, bringing a perfect end to your day.

The “UNWIND Takibi Parfait” is topped with a chocolate flame and a cookie representing firewood. Inside the glass, you will find a blend of bitter orange jelly, rich cream made from white chocolate and vanilla for an adult sweetness, and fruit and yogurt ice cream. The parfait includes cacao nibs and sugar art representing flames for added texture. Pour hot chocolate sauce infused with the rich aroma of dark rum over the parfait to enjoy the expanding chocolate fragrance.

BAR IGNIS Sapporo welcomes both hotel guests and non-guests. Enjoy a leisurely time with a sense of escape, despite being in the heart of Sapporo. You can relax on the sofa seats by the fireplace, find your favorite cocktail at the counter with the bartender, or have an outdoor experience making s’mores by the bonfire, reminiscent of a camping night. Visit for a night date, an outing with friends, solo time, or your first bar experience, and relax in a non-ordinary setting.

Pairing Cocktail for “UNWIND Takibi Parfait” Orders for Two Days Only

To celebrate the launch of the “UNWIND Takibi Parfait”, a pre-sale event will be held on June 27th (Thursday) and 28th (Friday), 2024. Customers who order the “UNWIND Takibi Parfait” will receive a complimentary pairing cocktail (one drink) prepared by the bartenders of BAR IGNIS Sapporo. On these two days, the parfait will be made and served by the supervising chocolatier, Masahiro Sato. This event is open to both hotel guests and locals who have not had the opportunity to visit the hotel, as well as anyone who wants to experience the unique parfait around the bonfire. *Non-alcoholic options are available for the pairing cocktail.

Location: UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo, 10th Floor, BAR IGNIS Sapporo

Date and Time: June 27th (Thursday), 28th (Friday), 2024, 19:30–23:30 (Last Order 23:00)

*Alcohol will not be served to those under 20 years old.

Masahiro Sato, Manager of Hotei Sweets Bishamonten

After graduating from confectionery school, he learned the basics of sweets at famous hotels and confectionery shops in Sapporo. He served as a chef at a local patisserie before undergoing about four years of training at a famous shop in Brussels, Belgium, to learn authentic sweets and chocolate. After returning to Japan, he opened Hotei Sweets Bishamonten as a sister store to Chinese Cuisine Hotei.

Details of the “UNWIND Takibi Parfait” Launch

Date: Starting from Friday, July 5th, 2024 (available only on Fridays and Saturdays)

Hours: 19:30 – 23:30 (Last Order 22:00)

Location: UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo, 10th Floor, BAR IGNIS Sapporo

Price: UNWIND Takibi Parfait ¥1,900 (tax included, no reservation required)


BAR IGNIS, located on the 10th floor of UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo, draws its name from the Lodge hotel theme, with “IGNIS” meaning “flame.” From spring to autumn, the rooftop terrace is open for guests to enjoy a bonfire alongside the bar’s menu. The interior boasts antique furniture and a warm wooden ambiance, providing a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Both hotel guests and visitors can indulge in a sophisticated urban lodge experience, featuring Hokkaido wines, whiskeys, and original cocktails. Whether you’re staying at the hotel or just stopping by, BAR IGNIS offers a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, making it an ideal spot to unwind.

Location: UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo, 10th Floor, BAR IGNIS Sapporo

Hours: 19:30–23:30 (Last Order 23:00)


UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo is a lifestyle hotel with a new concept, recreating a lodge-vibe within an urban hotel in Sapporo, offering a stress-free stay with the convenience and service of a hotel, while allowing guests to experience the pure charm of a lodge. The second branch, UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Otaru, renovated a historic building over 90 years old with a modern sensibility and opened in April 2019. It has garnered attention as a notable boutique hotel in Hokkaido.

Name: UNWIND HOTEL & BAR Sapporo

Location: 289-111 South 8th West 5th, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

Access: 4-minute walk from Nakajima Park Station on the Namboku Line

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