You may have heard the term often, but wondered what exactly is a smart hotel?

Simply put, a smart hotel incorporates IoT and AI to improve hotel management and efficiency in order to better customer service. Guests are able to control their experience using technology that relies on internet connectivity, creating a convenient and comfortable hotel experience.

Smart Pods

At The Millennials, located in Shibuya, Fukuoka and Kyoto, you can find IoT incorporated in our “smart pods.” The iPod you receive after check-in allows you to control the lighting and angle of your bed, even allowing you to set an alarm that gradually brightens your room and raises your bed in the morning. This means you can wake up on-time without disturbing your neighbors and vice versa.

Additionally, in TheaterPods, you can pull down a projector screen and use your PC or phone to watch your favorite shows or movies on an 80-inch screen.

Smart Features at all of our Hotels

Aside from the features found in our Smart Pods, you can find these other Smart Hotel benefits at all of our hotels.

1. Check-in Before Arrival

Using your phone, you can check-in in advance, eliminating the need to check-in at the front desk upon arrival. The hotel staff will prepare your key in advance.

2. Communicate With Hotel Staff Remotely

Using the messaging feature on our website, you can communicate in real-time with our staff to apply for late check-out, ask for local recommendations or receive information about hotel features. If you have forgotten some necessary items, then don’t worry! You can also apply for amenities free-of-charge from your phone.

3. Order Food Off-Site

If you’re out exploring, but plan on eating later at the hotel, then you can browse the menu and order items in advance. Within 10 minutes of your arrival, your food will be prepared for you. Instead of paying at the table, just scan the QR code and the meal will be charged to your room.

4. Check-out Remotely

Instead of checking-out in-person at the front desk, feel free to check-out from your phone anytime. Extra charges can be paid online and if you need an invoice, it can be downloaded from the website.

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