In the Heart of Tokyo's Gastronomy District.
Discover an Exciting Stay
with Touches of the Irresistible.

In the heart of the most desirable neighborhood in Tokyo lies The Lively.
Only a few steps from Azabu-Juban Station, all of Central Tokyo is at your fingertips.

One of Tokyo's most prestigious residential areas,
Azabu is also one of the city's most fashionable districts.
Filled with quirky cafes, restaurants, bars, and trendy boutique shops,
Azabu-Juban offers an opportunity to see, hear, and smell
the Tokyo of 300 years ago, along with the latest trends.

Get a taste of the irresistible charm that such a city has to offer
while enjoying an exciting and unforgettable stay.




Creative Perspectives


Elegant and playful interior design

We design the complete user experience, from the visual aspects of architectural design and interior design, to the smallest functional detail that creates an extraordinary, exciting and easy-to-use experience.


The cutting edge of urban hotels

Experience a taste of the future, where art, design and technology blend to create the perfect balance of elegance and energy. This cutting-edge lifestyle hotel blends modern design with timeless luxury to create a serene retreat for both business and leisure travelers.

Infinite Possibilities
at your Fingertips


Mobile check-in/check-out

With our new check-in process, you can complete your check-in from your smartphone, allowing you to bypass reception and avoid the usual queue and pick up your key at the front desk.


Pay everything with your smartphone

Once you've finished eating, simply scan the QR code on your phone, and the bill will be automatically charged to your room.

Enjoy Food & Drinks Services


THE LIVELY's top floor signature bar

The spectacular lighting design, sound system and art installation will transport guests to another world.


Free beer service for guests

Our hotel offers complimentary beer in the evening on the second floor lobby. Guests are welcome to sit, talk with staff and enjoy meeting other travelers.

Lobby lounge that can be used
in various ways


Workspace with many seating options

Tables with power outlets and high-speed WIFI provide a stress-free work environment. We support diverse work styles such as workspace for business trips and workcations while traveling!


Unlimited Billiard!

Welcome to the Lobby Lounge, where our guests can enjoy a drink, play a game of billiards or simply relax in an cozy atmosphere that feels like home.

Infinite Ways to Enjoy Your Room


Play with a wide variety of rental items

We offer more than 100 rental items for any given stay. From blankets and extra pillows to games, charging cables, we have anything you need to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


Drinks delivered to your room

We encourage you to discover the amazing restaurants around Azabujuban, but we also offer a full range of room service options. In addition to light meals and original curry, we can also deliver original cocktails from THE LIVELY BAR on the top floor.

A Fully Customizable Experience


Staff with similar interests to yours

We offer a home-like atmosphere where guests are mainly in their 20s or 30s. Our staff members of the same age group are encouraged to treat our guests like friends, providing services in their own way.


Local information delivered by special Curators

Nowadays, information is everywhere. You can search and book restaurants or tickets on your own but it's not always easy to decide which place is best for you. Our Curators will provide you with hotel recommendations and tips to make your trip successful. They'll ensure that you know where to find all of the local gems before your vacation even starts, including unique attractions and shopping destinations.


You can choose from 62 elegantly appointed and casually furnished guest rooms.
Each room is more than 19㎡, and is equipped with an independent shower, toilet, and washroom.
For maximum comfort, all rooms are equipped with pocket coil mattresses 30cm thick from American manufacturer SERTA.
Using clever and functional engineering, folding desks and hidden seating areas will allow you to adjust the room according to your needs.