The First Lifestyle Hotel
of its Kind in Fukuoka

Experience Fukuoka like never before!
Designed to be truly of the community—not just in it,
the people make the place here.

No longer just a place to stay,
this hotel is a place to live, a place to work,
a place to enjoy food and drinks, a place to showcase fashion.
THE LIVELY curate the best of culture right within its walls.

This hotel experience encourages you to live
in the moment and celebrate the joy of life.
Our place is yours for the making, where you can do (and be) you.




Creative Perspectives


Elegant and playful interior design

We design the complete user experience, from the visual aspects of architectural design and interior design, to the smallest functional detail that creates an extraordinary, exciting and easy-to-use experience.。


Feel the art and charm of Hakata

Enjoy a new way of staying with our hotel’s carefully designed art installations. Inspired by the art of Hakata, these works of beauty can be found in every corner of the hotel, from the public spaces to the guest rooms. A pleasure to explore.

Infinite Possibilities at your Fingertips


Mobile check-in/check-out

With our new check-in process, you can complete your check-in from your smartphone, allowing you to bypass reception and avoid the usual queue and pick up your key at the front desk.


Pay everything with your smartphone

Once you've finished eating, simply scan the QR code on your phone, and the bill will be automatically charged to your room.

Enjoy Food & Drinks Services


Popular lunch course
using seasonal ingredients

Select your preferred dish from the three -Bansei-no-Fuku- courses, each featuring a diverse array of seasonal ingredients to suit your mood of the day. -Bansei-no-Fuku- embodies the message of eternal happiness.


The harmony of Japanese and Italian cuisine

Discover a new type of cuisine that combines the best of Japanese and Italian cuisine. We prepare our dishes so guests can not only taste, but also see and hear the ingredients of the four seasons.

Picture Perfect Common Areas


Open Lobby Lounge

Guests can use the amazing Lobby Lounge 24 hours a day with no interruption, free of charge.


Digital Art Front Desk

The front desk does not have the traditional counter set up, but is made to allow for closer conversation with guests. This helps provide a more intimate experience and allows the hotel staff to give a more sophisticated service.

Infinite Ways to Enjoy Your Room


Play with a wide variety of rental items

We offer more than 100 rental items for any given stay. From blankets and extra pillows to games, charging cables, we have anything you need to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


Korean Sweets at your doorstep

Enjoy fine desserts and colorful cocktails in your room. There are a wide variety of sweets available at any time, including the popular Oreo Tiramisu and Candle Cake.

A Fully Customizable Experience


Staff with similar interests to yours

We offer a home-like atmosphere where guests are mainly in their 20s or 30s. Our staff members of the same age group are encouraged to treat our guests like friends, providing services in their own way.


Local information delivered by special Curators

Nowadays, information is everywhere. You can search and book restaurants or tickets on your own but it's not always easy to decide which place is best for you. Our Curators will provide you with hotel recommendations and tips to make your trip successful. They'll ensure that you know where to find all of the local gems before your vacation even starts, including unique attractions and shopping destinations.


Every unit has been thoughtfully designed with a blend of smart-casual tastes to offer travelers, couples, and families the most comfortable stay.
The rooms are furnished in a fashion reminiscent of Fukuoka's most iconic symbol- the open-air food carts (known as "Yatai") that line the riverbank.