Work in an Hotel Lounge.
Stimulates your Creativity!



Did you know that hotels and coworking spaces are a perfect match?

Unlike traditional coworking spaces, the front desk offers services you won't find elsewhere. The lobby's futuristic design creates the ideal creative environment for working. Meet fellow coworkers from around the globe who are on business trips.And if you get sleepy, there is a Smart Pod with a comfy bed upstairs, so you can always boost your work performance with a power nap or shower available for hourly use.There is also a self-service kitchen where you can take a break and prepare a nice meal between work.

This is an extraordinary and stimulating environment where coworking users and overnight guests spend time together in the same space. We invite you to enjoy this next-generation workstyle where you can overlap work and rest as often as you like, and work freely at your own pace and in your own way.