What kind of beer do you serve during the free beer service?

Kirin Heartland beer is served during the free beer service.

Is it possible to leave my luggage before or after check-in?

Except for valuables and fragile items, we can generally accept your luggage from 7:00 am on check-in day until 11:00 pm on check-out day. If you have any other requests, please contact the hotel.

What should I do if I am late for check-in?

No special notice is required if you are late for the check-in time you have indicated in advance. If you will arrive after midnight, please let us know.

Is it possible to send my luggage in advance to the hotel?

Baggage received in advance will be kept at the front desk (payment after reception not accepted). Please indicate the date of your stay, the full name of the person who made the reservation, and include the hotel address in the mailing address. If you have additional question regarding luggage, please contact us directly.

Can I check out late at night or early in the morning?

If you wish to check out outside of business hours, please ring the bell at the front desk and return your key. By using our Mobile check-out service, you can settle the room and complete the check-out procedure using your smartphone, so you can leave the room anytime by simply putting the card key in the dedicated return box.

Can items purchased on the Internet be delivered to the hotel in advance?

Parcel received in advance will be kept at the front desk (payment after reception will not be accepted). Please indicate on the label the date of your stay, the full name of the person who made the reservation, and include the hotel address in the mailing address. If you have additional question regarding parcels, please contact us directly.

Can minors stay at the hotel?

The hotel does not accept guests under the age of 18 years old for security reasons.

Is it okay to leave the hotel after midnight?

Yes, no problem as long as you remember to bring your room key with you.

Do I need to show my ID at check-in?

No identification is required to check in. However, If you are traveling from other countries, You will need to show your passport and let us copy of it.

Does the free drink service include non-alcoholic drinks? Are there any drinks for children?

Free beers are only served during happy hour, but free coffee and tea are available in the lounge on the 4th floor 24 hours a day.

How often are the rooms cleaned for consecutive nights?

The rooms of guests staying for consecutive nights will be cleaned every seventh days. Please request the date you would like us to clean your room when checking in.

Can you tell me more about the hotel's security measures for outsiders?

No one except guests can stay inside the hotel after midnight. Security cameras have also been installed throughout the property.

What is the standard check-in and check-out time?

You can check-in between 3pm to 1am, and check-out by 10:00 am. However, check-in and check-out times may vary depending on the plan you booked, so please confirm in advance the details of your reservation plan or email.

What is the average age of hotel guests?

On average, 70% are in their 20s~30s, 30% are in their 40s or older.

Do you allow late check-outs?

Late check-out is available in one-hour increments. The latest time of late check-outs will be 13:00. Please request late check-out to front desk staff.

Which demographics make up the average hotel guest?

The hotel is widely used by people traveling solo, group of friends, but also business travelers.

Can I let a guest who isn't staying with me into the room?

Non-guests are not allowed to enter the room floors.

Can I upgrade my room?

Upgrades are available for a fee and are subject to availability. Rates for upgrades can be obtained at the front desk.

Do you offer direct billing for any services provided by hotel?

By registering your credit card at check-in, you can put charges on your room and settle the payment when you check-out.

At what time does the free drink service begin?

Free beers are served to guests on the 4th floor everyday from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Is it possible to check in early?

Yes it is possible. However, it is subject to room availability, so please make sure to check with us beforehand.

Can I use the hotel for day use?

Unfortunately, We do not have day-time use plan.

Do the towels get replaced every day?

You can receive new towels every day at the front desk.

Is the front desk available 24 hours a day?

Our front desk is not open from 11:00pm to 7:00am, but we have staff on duty 24 hours a day if you need assistance. If you need to speak with a member of staff, please use the doorbell at the front desk.

Is it possible to issue multiple room keys?

Room key cards will only be issued for the number of guests staying in the room.

Does the room charge get settled at check-in?

We offer a variety of payment methods. If you select the Onsite Payment option, payment is due at check-in. Our Mobile Check-in option allows you to provide payment information, fill out your information online, and receive all hotel information ahead of time.


I don't intend to use room service during my stay, do I still need to register my credit card?

All hotel guests are required to register their credit cards without distinction in case of damage, stains, or loss of equipment in the hotel room.

Can I change the date of my stay after making a reservation?

For reservations made through reservation websites, please follow the prescribed change procedure at the respective reservation site or agency. If you are making a reservation directly with the hotel, please contact the hotel via your MyPage account or by phone.

How long in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations are usually accepted 6 months in advance online or by phone.

Is it okay to register a credit card under a different name from the guest's?

Even if the name is different, there is no problem as long as the card can be used.

Is it possible to stay at the hotel without a prior reservation?

Yes, it is possible if there is any vacancy on that day. It is still highly recommended that you make a reservation in advance if possible.

Is it possible to book a room without a credit card?

You can stay at the hotel even if you don't own a credit card, but please be aware that it might take some time to check your room when checking-out.

What are the ways to make a reservation?

Reservations can be made online from our official website or any Online travel agency.

Why do I need to register my credit card at check-in?

・As compensation for damage, stains, or loss of equipment in hotel rooms.
・In case of a smoking violation in a guestroom.
Our hotel may charge the registered credit card if the customer incurs any compensation during his or her stay.
Besides that, registering a credit card also offers other conveniences such as the ability to make payments at any facility in the hotel. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Do I need to register my credit card at check-in even if I have already paid by credit card on the reservation site?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but credit card information cannot be taken over from the reservation site. That is why we ask guests to register their credit card again at check-in.

Do I need to make a deposit?

There is no deposit required, but we ask that guests register with a credit card as a guarantee during their stay.

Can I use a Debit Card to make a reservation?

Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible to use PayPay or any other digital payment methods?

You can use PayPay / LINE Pay / Apple Pay etc for any payments at the front desk.

Can a receipt be issued separately for accommodation and other charges?

As long as the payment has been processed, separate receipts can be issued.

Is it possible to get a paper receipt?

A paper receipt can be issued at the front desk if you choose the Onsite Payment option. A receipt cannot be issued if the payment was made in advance during the reservation process. For more information, please contact the website you used to make the reservation.


Does the room have a phone?

There is no phone in the room. If you would like to speak directly with the front desk, you can use the Chat option via the Mobile Access function.

Can you provide an humidifier?

You can order an humidifier free of charge through our Mobile Access function.

Can I stay with my pet?

No pets are allowed in the hotel.

Can I request additional towels?

Yes you can pick up extra towels at the front desk.

Can I choose a specific room or floor?

Requests can be accepted, but we cannot guarantee them. Depending on the type of room and availability, we may not be able to meet your expectations.

Where can I store valuables?

You can store cash and other valuables in the safe located under your bed. Valuables cannot be left at the front desk.

Can I smoke in the guest room?

All of the guest rooms are non-smoking, so please refrain from smoking in them. A designated smoking area is available outside on the first floor of the hotel. A 30,000 yen penalty fee will be charged if illegal smoking is discovered in a guest room or in a place other than the designated smoking area.

Do you provide wake-up calls?

We do not provide wake-up calls, but the SmartPods are equipped with an alarm feature that automatically turns on the lights and reclines your bed.

Can you provide massage services?

We are deeply sorry but massage services are not available at this hotel.

Do you offer skin care products & makeup remover?

Make-up remover & skin care products are available at the front desk with extra charge.

Is it possible to eat in my SmartPod?

Eating and drinking are not allowed in the SmartPods.

Can you bring the rented items directly to my SmartPod?

We are very sorry but rented items must be picked at the front desk.

Do you provide the necessary cables to use the TheaterPod?

Yes, all the cables are already set in a pod.

Can I rent out games such as playing cards?

There are a variety of games available for guests (Trump cards, UNO, Jenga, Othello, etc.).

What kind of key will I receive?

You will receive a card-key to access your floor. You can close your SmartPod by sliding down the Privacy Screen.

Can I order Uber Eats at the hotel?

Yes. Nevertheless, we ask you to meet the driver yourself in the lobby or in front of the hotel.

Can I watch YouTube or Netflix on the TV in my room?

Standard SmartPods don't come with a TV, but you can watch movies, Youtube or Netflix if you book a TheaterPod.

Does the room have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available in all rooms for free. We will provide you with access information on site.

I'm staying with my friends. Could we have a room next to each other?

Requests can be accepted, but we cannot guarantee them. Depending on the type of room and availability, we may not be able to meet your expectations.

Can I call an outside massage service in my room?

Due to the nature of the hotel's concept, it is not possible to order massage services in your SmartPod.

Do you have hair irons available for rent?

It is possible to borrow hair irons from the front desk. Depending on availability, we may not be able to meet your request.

Do you provide hair dryers?

Yes, a Panasonic hair dryer is available in each bathroom.


Can I access it via an old phone?

Mobile Access is a service designed specifically to be used on smartphones. In spite of its possibility of working on older phones, it has not been tested for operability.

I'd like to use the mobile check-in system, but I'd like to pay cash. Is it possible to pay other than with a credit card?

The mobile check-in system only accepts credit cards. Please check in at the front desk if you would like to pay other than with a credit card.

Is it possible to separate the payment made via Mobile Access from the accommodation fee?

You can pay the room at check-in, and all in-building payments made via Mobile Access after that will be settled at the time of check-out.

What is Mobile Access?

This is a convenient feature that allows you to make everything from room requests to room service with your smartphone. Request towels and amenities, chat with the front desk, order room service, view information about the hotel, check-out billing, and much more! Please note that some of these services are only available to guests who present a credit card upon check-in.

Will all items ordered via the Mobile Access service be automatically added to the room?

Items ordered via mobile access will automatically be placed in the room. You can settle the payment when you check-out.


Is it possible for me to use the common areas before and after check-in?

Yes, no problem at all. On the day of your check out, you can still use the common areas until 3pm.

Can I meet someone in the lobby?

Of course, no problem with that. However, it would be appreciated if you would refrain from inviting large groups into the lobby.

Is there a dry cleaning service available?

This hotel does not offer dry cleaning service at the moment.

Is it possible for non-guests to use the lounge?

Only hotel guests and andwork users are allowed in the lounge and co-working spaces.

Can I rent a bicycle?

No rental bicycle service is available at the moment.

Is there a coin laundry available?

A coin laundry is available on each floor. (Wash: 300 yen per cycle / Dryer: 100 yen per 10-min)

Is there a smoking area?

A smoking area is available on the 3rd floor outdoor terrace.

Can I borrow cutlery and plates?

Cutlery and plates are available in the kitchen located on the 4th floor.

Do you have an ice machine?

An ice machine is available on the 4th floor.

Is there a microwave on site?

A microwave is available in the kitchen located on the 4th floor.


Is there a shower available in the co-working space?

Showers are not available in the co-working space. Hotel guests can use the showers on their bed floors.

Can I use the co-working space without making a reservation?

Reservations are not required but seats may all be taken depending on the time of the day. First-time users are required to register as an .andwork member (no admission fee).

Is it possible for non-guests to use the co-working space?

An hourly billing system is available for non-guests. You will need to register to our .andwork service (no admission fee required).

Is Wi-Fi available?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available.

What is the number of seats with power outlets?

There are more than 90% of the seats with power outlets.

Can I use the self-coffee machine for free?

Yes, you can use it for free.


Is there a parking lot on-site?

This facility does not have a parking lot or affiliated parking lot. Please use the coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood. Please check the signs at nearby parking lots for information on parking and fees, which vary depending on time, day of week and length of stay.


Is it possible to exhibit art in the hotel?

The Millennials's goal is to create a hotel that attracts people with its sophisticated design, sound, art, and technology. We will actively consider art exhibitions if it fits with our hotel-style so please feel free to contact us for more information.

I would like to write a press article or make an interview, who should I contact?

Please contact the front desk for more information.

Is it possible to film for a Youtube video in the hotel?

You are free to film in your private room without any prior approval. Please contact us in advance if you would like to shoot in the common areas or introduce our hotel on Youtube.

Is it possible to organize an event at the hotel?

3F Co-working space is also available for private use. Please send details to shibuya@themillennials.jp, and person who heads up the event will get back to you.