The bustling city of Fukuoka, located on the northern end of Japan’s southernmost island Kyushu, balances tradition and modernity to create a city rich in sandy temples, ancient temples and luxury shopping outlets. As the eighth largest city in Japan and the largest in Kyushu there is plenty to see for foodies, shopping enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

If you’re not sure where to go with your limited time in Fukuoka, follow this guide to enjoy the best of the city. Why not start and end your day at the conveniently-located THE LIVELY HAKATA FUKUOKA, where you will get the most out of your time in the “Gateway to Kyushu?”


The Millennials Fukuoka

Stroll Through Ohori Park

A pleasant stroll through Ohori Park offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a crescent-shaped lake, lush greenery and cultural attractions, it provides a wonderful destination for nature and history lovers. You can explore the Japanese gardens while sipping tea at a teahouse or relax by the water and soak in the natural beauty and charm of the lake.

Catch a Stellar View From Fukuoka Tower

Visiting Fukuoka Tower is an unforgettable experience in this vibrant city. From the top, you can catch incredible panoramic views covering the cityscape and surrounding mountains and ocean. Whether you go during the day or in the evening, you will find a once-in-a-lifetime view.

Visit the Ancient Kushida Shrine

For fans of temples and shrines, no trip to Fukuoka is complete without a visit to Kushida Shrine, which is over 1,000 years old and known for the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival. The summer festival features teams of men from the various districts in Fukuoka who race against each other while carrying one-ton floats. You can see an example of a Kazari Yamakasa, or giant float, that men carry in the festival.

Shop at the Bustling Canal City

Just a brief walk from Kushida Shrine, Canal City will keep you entertained with its 250 shops, cafes and restaurants, theater, game center, cinemas and canal. If you’re looking for souvenirs local to Fukuoka or if you just want to go shopping for international products, you will find everything you need here. The fifth floor also has the “Ramen Stadium,” where eight ramen shops sell ramen from different regions, including the local Hakata Ramen.

Eat From Traditional Yatai Stalls

Don’t forget to stop for a late-night meal at one of the many yatai stalls found in Nakasu. These charming, traditional street food stalls offer a delectable array of dishes from savory Hakata ramen to stomach-filling yakitori skewers. The intimate atmosphere and outdoor seating mean it’s easy to strike up a conversation with the owner of the stall or another customer.

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The Millennials Fukuoka