Japan’s third largest city boasts delightful cuisine, iconic landmarks and thriving nightlife that will keep you entertained for days, but if you only have 24 hours to spend in this one-of-a-kind city, here is the definitive guide on how to spend your day. After seeing and experiencing the city, why not spend a night at the centrally-located hotel THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI, where you can get the most of out of your time in Osaka?

Catch Stunning Views From the Top of Osaka Castle

After waking up at THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI, head out to explore Osaka Castle, the city’s most beloved landmark. Take your time strolling through the gardens on the way to the main castle. Coming in the morning is a good idea if you want to avoid the crowds. Inside the castle, you can learn about the history of the grounds and catch spectacular views of the city from the top floor.

After visiting the castle, you can check out Osaka Castle Park, which has seasonal flowers. From January to March the Plum Garden is in bloom. Peach blossoms also bloom in March, then in April 300 cherry blossoms create a stunning and picturesque landscape, making the castle grounds a popular hanami spot.

Get Lost in Shinsekai and Tsukenkaku Tower

Shinsekai, meaning “New World,” is a colorful and lively part of the city originally built as an amusement park in 1912. The northern half is modeled after Paris and the southern half is modeled after New York’s Coney Island. Tsutenkaku Tower sits at the center of this eccentric neighborhood.

Osaka is known for its comfort food, especially kushikatsu, takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The bright neon lights and bustling streets of Shinsekai make it the perfect setting to try the local cuisine in a lively environment. Both locals and tourists alike enjoy the fast food cuisine of this area.


After the sun sets head over to Dotonbori, which has one of Osaka’s most well-known landmarks overlooking the canal, the Glico Man. You can also catch a 20-minute cruise on the canal from the Tombori River Cruise, which departs from Don Quixote. The shopping arcades, cafes, restaurants and bars make it an exciting place to spend your evening before heading back to THE LIVELY OSAKA HONMACHI.

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