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Introducing The Millennials &.andwork Kyoto “KYOTO’S 6TH SENSE” 6th Anniversary Event

Hello, this is the .andwork staff! On Friday, July 21, we celebrated the 6th anniversary of The Millennials Kyoto and .andwork Kyoto with “KYOTO’S 6TH SENSE”. A little time has passed, but thank you to everyone who came!

KYOTO’S 6TH SENSE was an event where you could think about Kyoto from a “sixth sense” (a different perspective from your own) and meet people from Kyoto. The venue was the 8th floor lobby lounge where guests and co-working users gather. The event consisted of two parts: a talk event and a gathering.

About 30 people attended, including monthly members of the coworking space .andwork, people who have stayed at The Millennials Kyoto, travelers and local residents.

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1. Talk Event Outside The Box Vol.2
“Live creatively as yourself in Kyoto”

Outside The Box was a talk event where people who lead unconventional lives acting outside the box from a wide variety of lifestyles met and discussed how they found their own way of working and living.

The theme of this year’s event ws “Living creatively as yourself in Kyoto”. Speakers invited were Mr. Iwasaki from Magasinn Co. Ltd., Mr. Hirano from setsuna Co. Ltd. and Mr. Takeuchi from KT POTMAN Design Office.

Tatsuya Iwasaki
President of Magasinn Corporation | Editor-in-Chief
Born 1985, Miki, Hyogo, eldest son of a Yamada Nishiki farmer. Lives and works in Kyoto City. Part-time lecturer at Kyoto Seika University; founded Magasinn Inc. in 2016. In 2022, he opened CORNER MIX, a food circulation platform. He continues to take on the challenge of extending the experiential value of local culture.

Shunki Hirano
Representative Director, setsuna Corporation /Representative Director, Anyroutes Corporation
Started his own business while still a university student. To date, he has provided web marketing support to more than 100 companies. After COVID-19, he decided to create a fragrance brand to help stressful people and is currently developing it. As a brand from Kyoto, the company is also looking to expand its business overseas.

Kiyoshi Takeuchi
KT Potman Design Office
Based in Kyoto, Japan, KT Potman Design Office does all kinds of creative work, including logos, printed material and websites. He believes that his work has no meaning unless it is made for his client specifically and believes it must be done himself. He is living in a rented townhouse that he renovated himself and in another year or two he plans to start working in ceramics and clothing. His hobbies are football and hiking, and if he has onigiri (rice balls), pork miso soup and sleep, he can work nonstop.

They talked about how they arrived at their unique businesses and how they are inspired by living in Kyoto.

Facilitator Ota’s comments

What they all had in common was that they believed in their own potential and put what they wanted to do first in order to live their lives in their own way.

The importance of honestly pursuing what you want to do, apart from what you must do and what you can do, was emphasized, while at the same time they gave you the courage to take a new step forward from tomorrow.

Through the talk events, we also realized that Kyoto’s cultural assets, the slow flow of time and the community-based system that gives opportunities to up-and-coming creators are the soil of Kyoto’s manufacturing and artistic culture.

2. Gathering & Original Map “Someone’s Kyoto”
Production Project

In addition to the talk events, a project to produce “Someone’s Kyoto”, an original map to see Kyoto from the perspective of someone other than yourself, was conducted. Participants were invited to recommend places in Kyoto that inspire them and pinned them on the map.

Conversations started by sharing each other’s recommendations for places to visit and free communication was born. One of our regular .andwork monthly members commented, “This event was great because I got to talk to people I wouldn’t normally meet and it was fresh and new!” We were able to provide a gathering place with a casual atmosphere.

The map was designed by Kyoto-based illustrator Natsumi Hasegawa. The map is currently on display in the hotel for guests and .andwork users to view.

Comment from Hayashi, staff member in charge

“This year is my eighth year living in Kyoto, and I am reminded from time to time that there are still aspects of this city that I don’t know about… seven years on, it still shows me different faces.

In this edition of ‘Someone’s Kyoto’, we explored Kyoto’s inspirational places from different people’s perspectives and got to know the city’s unchanged and new charms. We felt that it could create a fruitful, local-tourist connection for both the city’s residents and visitors to Kyoto.

In the future, The Millennials Kyoto and .andwork Kyoto will continue to hold regular gathering events and update the original map “Someone’s Kyoto” together with guests, co-working users and local residents to provide guests with new discoveries and information to guests.

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part in this event and for your ongoing support of The Millennials Kyoto, and we look forward to welcoming you back for our seventh year.”

What did you think? This article included the voices of those in charge of organizing the event! If you were unable to attend this event, or if you have never been to the hotel, please come and visit us.

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