2024-02-07 | Recommendations

Cycling Along the Kamogawa Itinerary

When people think about Kyoto, they mostly picture themselves visiting famous shrines and temples that are deeply related to the history of Japan. However, if you want to enjoy the city from another perspective (and avoid the crowds), we would highly recommend cycling!

You might not know it but Kyoto is surrounded by nature. The Kamogawa, the river crossing the city in its center, is a relaxing spot for admiring Kyoto’s natural scenery. Everybody who lives in Kyoto enjoys spending time there, making it a true landmark of the city, just like any temple.

Here is an introduction of a few shops around Kamogawa that would help brighten your cycling trip! Why not buy some take-out and enjoy a picnic while relaxing on the riverbank? Enjoy nature just like the locals do!

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If you want to enjoy your coffee in an antique atmosphere in a renovated traditional house, WIFE&HUSBAND is the best place for you! However, if the weather is good, don’t miss their PICNIC BASKET. Take a well deserved break with coffee and sweets while enjoying the sound of the river.


They sell Take-Out Italian food but you can also buy colorful and savory lunch boxes. They even provide picnic sets with a table and chair rental service so you can have a comfortable picnic wherever you want, even if you are empty-handed.

③Hitsuji (South of the Imperial Palace)

A donut shop with a relaxed atmosphere. The food is so delicious you won’t be able to stop eating…But no need to feel guilty! They use natural yeast and germinated brown rice, so their food is easy on the body!

In the winter, Kyoto can be pretty cold, so cycling around to warm you up and enjoying take-out at pretty spots around the riverbank isn’t such a bad idea!

At The Millennials Kyoto, we provide a (stylish) bike rental service by tokyobike. With us you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable ride around the city!

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