Discover Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots Near HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU and Exclusive Seasonal Plans!

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March has arrived, and the cherry blossom viewing season is just around the corner. The cherry blossom forecast for 2024 was just announced the other day and it looks like Tokyo will see cherry blossoms around March 20th.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to cherry blossom viewing spots accessible from HOTEL GRAPHY NEZU and our seasonal, limited cherry blossom viewing plans.

Let’s dive right into the cherry blossom viewing spots you can visit from our hotel!

①Ueno Onshi Park

When you think of Ueno, Ueno Onshi Park immediately comes to mind! The park is a breathtaking sight with about 800 cherry trees in full bloom. Although it’s easily accessible from Ueno Station, you can get there from our hotel in roughly a 10-minute walk or a 5-minute bike ride. Additionally, from late March to April, the “Sakura Festival” takes place. During this period, there are various activities, including food stalls, stage events, and nighttime cherry blossom illuminations. Staying at the hotel and going to see the cherry blossoms lit up at night is a great option, as is enjoying the cherry blossoms during the day after a night’s stay. Since it’s close to our hotel, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms both day and night.


  • 10 minutes on foot, 5 minutes by bicycle
  • By train:
    • 2 minutes on foot from JR, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and Hibiya Line “Ueno” station
    • 1 minute on foot from Keisei Line “Keisei Ueno” station

②Yanaka Cemetery

Photo by Yoichiro Uno

Next up is the Tokyo Metropolitan Yanaka Cemetery. The central Sakura Street is a sight to behold. In spring, the cherry trees on both sides of the road bloom in full, creating a “cherry blossom tunnel.” The fallen cherry blossoms pile up on the road, forming what looks like a carpet of cherry blossoms. It’s guaranteed to be photogenic. You can see a different scenery here compared to the cherry blossoms at Ueno Park. However, please note that picnicking is prohibited at this location.


  • About a 15-minute walk, approximately 6 minutes by bicycle.
  • By train:
    • About a 6-minute walk from JR Nippori Station.

③Sumida Park

Next is Sumida Park. A key highlight here is the ability to view the Tokyo Skytree while enjoying cherry blossom viewing, as the park is located at the base of the Skytree. With cherry trees lining both sides of the Sumida River, you can enjoy the beautiful combination of cherry blossoms and river scenery. Additionally, similar to Ueno Park, a “Sakura Festival” is held during the cherry blossom season, featuring nighttime illuminations, allowing you to view the illuminated cherry blossoms and the Tokyo Skytree at night.


  • About a 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Toei Asakusa Line.

For a limited time, we’re launching a cherry blossom viewing plan!

In celebration of the cherry blossom viewing season, we’re excited to introduce a special limited-time offer: “Just a 10-minute stroll to Ueno Onshi Park, renowned for its cherry blossoms! Complete with our signature vegan doughnuts (included with accommodation/breakfast)!”

Here are the details of the plan:

  • Complimentary original vegan doughnuts and drip coffee
  • Complimentary use of one disposable camera
  • Late checkout available for up to 12 hours

You can choose from four flavors of original vegan doughnuts: strawberry, caramel banana, chocolate, and carrot.

You can take a leisurely stroll to Ueno Park with your coffee and doughnuts and enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stay at our hotel.

You can reserve the cherry blossom viewing plan here.

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